The news coming from the North Pole this year could be confusing for someone who comes here late in the season. Here is a synopsis of what has happened so far in 2014:

December 2014 —
Elves from Medical Center Sent to Workshop
Workshop Falls Further Behind
Broadcast News Team Announced for Tracking Santa
Santa to Be Interviewed in Flight
Workers Sparse in Santa’s Workshop
Santa Vows to Deliver On Time
Lights On at Big Building with No Name
Wrapping Department Suffers Delays
Coal Continues to Arrive at the North Pole
Reindeer Games Suspended
Elves Missing from Santa’s Workshop
North Pole Post Office Short on Elves
North Pole Cafeteria Shuts Down
Rare Picture of Santa’s Sleigh in Flight
Reindeer Games Begin
More Elves Go into Big Building with No Name

November 2014 —
New Santa Tracking Video
Fast Start at the North Pole
Operation Merry Christmas Kicks Off
North Pole Celebrates Thanksgiving
Helicopters Hover Over Big Building with No Name
Tracking Crew Meets at the North Pole
Top Secret Projects Have Elves Nervous
Hundreds of Elves Arrive at the North Pole
Santa Orders Daily News Updates for Believers All Over the World
Operation Be Nice Launched
North Pole Produces Video About Santa Tracking
Expanded Radio Coverage Tracking Santa Announced
Thousands of Reindeer Babies at the North Pole
Santa gets a new suit

October 2014 —
Test Flights Resume Over Canada for a Massive Sleigh
Airlift Brings Tons of Coal to the North Pole
Hundreds of Elves Disappear into the Building with No Name
Massive Halloween Party Planned for the North Pole
Top Secret Airlift Begins
Project Continues Despite Heavy Snow at the North Pole
Santa called thousands of reindeer to come to the North Pole
A big hole was being dug behind the Building with No Name.
Santa went to Dubai for secret meetings.

September 2014 —
More excavation began behind the Building with no Name
The Building with No Name is the largest building on earth.
Santa ordered hundreds of new sleighs built.

August 2014 —
We call the large project the Building with No Name.
The building is very much top-secret..

July 2014 —
The North Pole Post Office was expanded. .

June 2014 —
The project continues with big bulldozers digging deep into the ground.

Spring 2014 —
A large, super-secret project launched.

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