Websites of the North Pole

The websites of the North Pole work hard to bring you the best and latest information about Santa, the elves, life at the North Pole and Tracking Santa around the world. We have grown now to include several websites. Here is each one of them explained: — This is our anchor website for all North Pole news. The North Pole News Department operates year round and provides up-to-the-minute information for fans of Santa young and old. The news staff consists of several reporters, a radio broadcast news team, and an editorial board. We work for Santa. Our job is to report the latest news from the North Pole, to explain elf life, and to keep the world updated on what we call Operation Merry Christmas which is Santa’s annual effort to delivery a Merry Christmas to the world. — This merry little site serves as the online North Pole Post Office, giving believers everywhere access to Santa and key elves at the North Pole. You can send a message to Santa, get off the naughty list and even sign up to become an elf! The site is complete free, family friendly and commercial-free. — This is a private site for advanced elves who work for Santa as Santa Trackers. Any one can sign up and as long as they take the Elf Oath they can work to help the North Pole tracking department help Santa get around the world on Christmas Eve. It is a big job and one only for the most serious of Santa fans.— North Pole Flight Command shares loads of technical information about the status of Santa’s flight every Christmas Eve on this website. From how fast the sleigh flies to the latest bed time warnings this essential site gives home Santa trackers loads of useful information as they follow Santa around the world. — This very popular site mirrors the map used in the Tracking Center at the North Pole showing Santa’s present position. The is the most accurate Santa tracking map in the entire world because it comes from the North Pole. — Listen to Santa tracking beginning on December 23rd as Christmas Eve dawns in the far corners of the world. A special 50-hour live radio broadcast features news updates from elves all over the world every 15 minutes. Live and commercial free, too. — Receive free texts of Santa Updates directly from the North Pole. — The official site of Santa Claus that declares plainly that Santa is never sold and never sells or advertises anything on his official websites.

Official North Pole