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Santa Launches
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250 Days Until Santa Launches

Today officially marks 250 days until Santa’s launch. What has changed since the last time we marked a milestone to Santa’s launch? That was the 300-day mark to launch, way back on February 26th. Since that time there has been a…
150 Days Until Santa Launches
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Santa Launches in 150 Days

We have reached an important milestone today: it is now just 150 days until Santa launches. While the rest of the North Pole wraps up Christmas-in-July today I am at the North Pole Flight Command Center preparing for a bunch of meetings that…
300 Days Until Santa Launches 1
Launch Countdown
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350 Days Until Santa’s Launch

Howdy, tracker elves and fans of Santa! My name is Elf Max. Some of you know me better as the lead site support elf at SantaTrackers.Net. My job here is to keep you informed of the countdown to Santa's launch of the sleigh for next Christmas.…
Nine Hours Until Launch 2
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Nine Hours Until Launch

With nine hours now until Santa's launch folks are starting to get excited at the North Pole. In fact, a few have already gathered at the sleigh barn and are filling the grandstands there to get seats to see that big event. The final test…