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The North Pole Has Plans
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The North Pole Plans for a Busy Week

The North Pole has a busy week ahead. Today is just a brief break before all that lies ahead. Monday is St. Nicholas Day, which is a big event at the North Pole. Santa Claus is, of course, a big fan of St. Nicholas and most people at…
Two Year Old Reindeer
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Two Year Old Reindeer Surprises at the Reindeer Games

Two year old reindeer joining the Reindeer Games this year are getting some attention as the games got underway yesterday. Snickers, Trixie and Helga surprised in the early going with strong showings against more experienced reindeer such as…
Reindeer Games Begin
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Reindeer Games to Begin Soon

The reindeer games at the North Pole are set to begin after Opening Ceremonies later today. The reindeer games are an annual event at the North Pole that draws huge crowds of elves. The elves love the competition. But the purpose of…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games are Coming

The Reindeer Games are coming soon to the North Pole and folks here cannot be more excited. The games are actually a way for the reindeer to get ready for Santa's flight. They all began many years ago to break the tedium of just doing…
Snowy Reindeer Games
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Snowy Reindeer Games Features Surprises by Vixen

It's a snowy mess at the Reindeer Games this week as organizers rushed events to avoid a premature shut-down of the games. Weather forecasters say a bitter cold front will drop temperatures to a dangerous level within days here at the North…
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Vixen Surprises at the Reindeer Games

The Reindeer Games began at the North Pole today and already we have a surprise: Vixen is off to a fast start. Vixen, who has been on Santa's team for decades, does not traditionally rank well at the games, mostly due to her smaller size. But…
Rudolph Excels
Reindeer Games Begin
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Donner Wins the Reindeer Games

Happy Monday, all! It was an epic weekend at the Reindeer Games at the North Pole and in the end a familiar name took the top prize -- Donner! Donner has long been Santa's lead reindeer. This weekend at the games he showed why. All…
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There is a New Reindeer in Town

There is a new reindeer in town and her name is Brinley. She is just 4 years old but she has grabbed all the headlines at the Annual Reindeer Games. She leads in every category -- speed, distance, endurance -- everything. She has so far…
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Focus on Santa’s Reindeer

The famous Reindeer Games are about to begin at the North Pole. Bright and early tomorrow the reindeer are registered, matched up and the competitions begin. The games feature critical skills that every reindeer tries to work on. There are…