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30 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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30 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 30 weeks until Christmas, guys. You realize we almost half way there? That officially comes in a month on Leon Day. I’m still trying to comprehend Leon Day. I think Frank and Crash are going to do a podcast about it but I…
North Pole Post Office Opens
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North Pole Post Office Opens on Santa Update

The North Pole Post Office on Santa Update is now open! We are very excited to announce the following new features never before available on Santa Update: Shoutouts - This new feature is a quick communication for our site users who send…
North Pole Post Office

Changes Coming for the North Pole Post Office Online

Changes are coming for the North Pole Post Office online. In a meeting held today chaired by Elf Winslow it was announced that Santa requested that Christmas fans should be able to contact him through any of the Official North Pole websites. As…
Use Stocking Mail 2
Confidence High as Christmas Nears 3
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Confidence High as Christmas Nears

We have lots of breaking news all of a sudden. It appears this is going to be one very busy weekend. First of all, as you read earlier, the North Pole Post Office has activated Stocking Mail. Almost immediately after that announcement we…
North Pole Post Office

Life Very Busy at the North Pole Post Office

Greetings Everyone! The signs of it changing from Thanksgiving to Christmas are complete: the North Pole Post Office is swamped. Santa is getting letters and wishlists and mail from all over. He always does but still it is suprising to…
No Santa
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Kids Worried Santa Won’t Deliver

Yowza! Have we been buried in mail! Ever since Elf Frank interviewed Elf Crash the other day and Crash speculated that if Santa isn't around someone else would deliver for him our phones have been ringing off the hook and the mail coming…
North Pole Post Office Busy
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North Pole Post Office Floods with Worried Messages

Happy September Greetings! I must apologize. In my last post I said I was worried and that got a bunch of you worried and so many of you have sent messages of concern to the North Pole that Mrs. Claus is on my case. She says not to worry.…