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Elf Parade
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Elf Parade Draws Photos from Elves Worldwide

The Elf Parade as part of celebrations at the North Pole have raised a response from elves worldwide. Thousands of elves at the North Pole and millions more from around the world participated in the event. Below are just some of the photos that…
Reindeer Want in the Elf Parade 2
1 Month Until Christmas 3

Big Thanksgiving Plans

There is a festive feel to the air here at the North Pole. The snow is lightly falling, all the new Christmas decorations are up and there is the smell of stuff baking in ovens all over the village. The guys in the Weather Center say the…
Elf Parade
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All About the Elf Parade

Howdy! The question Elf Crash Murphy answers today is about going to the Elf Parade. As you know, the Elf Parade is held every Thanksgiving Day here at the North Pole. We report on it every year. The Elf Parade is kind of like…