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When is Santa's Birthday
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Ask Crash

Ask Crash: What a Tracker Needs

Frank and Crash are back with another question from a fan. This time the talk is about tracker elves. You know what that is, right? A tracker elf is no regular elf. He or she could be anywhere in the world. YOU could be a tracker elf? It's…
Ask Crash

Ask Crash: What Santa Brings

In their first official news segment of the 2018 season Frank and Crash go right to the mailbag to answer a big question: Will Santa bring me anything I want? That’s a very interesting question and when I heard that was going to be the…
What if you're awake when Santa comes?

What if you’re awake when Santa comes?

Howdy! The first of the questions answered by Elf Crash Murphy is here and you can listen to it in the player below. The question has to do with what to do if you're awake when Santa comes to your house. What will Santa do? This is…