We have many elves who work to support the publication of SantaUpdate.com. They are:

Elf Ernest – Editor-in-Chief

Elf Winslow Rutherford – Events Editor
Elf Frank Myrrh – Media Editor
Elf Harold Starr – Newsletter Editor, The North Pole News

Contributing Staff Writers
Elf Ed Zachary – Columnist at the North Pole Gazette
Elf Trixie
Elf Meg Nogg (of NorthPoleFlightCommand.com)
Elf Max (of SantaTrackers.net)
Elf Sandy Claus (of the Department of Elf Resources)
Elf Dr. Grant Smedley – Professor of History, Southern North Pole University
Elf Crash Murphy (of NorthPoleRadioNews.com)