Santa's Reindeer
Santa's Reindeer

Custom reindeer art provided by Lorelei (age 11) of Utah

If ever there was one thing folks are curious about when it comes to Santa it is his reindeer. Where do they come from? How did they get their names? How do reindeer fly? What do I feed them when they come at Christmas?

These are the things that people just want to know. We are happy to answer your questions. Below is a library of information about Santa’s reindeer that you can only get from those in-the-know at the North Pole:

DasherDasher is a boy. One of Santa’s oldest reindeer, Dasher is known for both blazing speed and stamina. Dasher is very athletic. He is quiet and tends to keep to himself. He loves being one of Santa’s team and often Santa turns to Dasher for special missions. Dasher has quiet integrity and loves to serve. He also has a love of classical music and when he goes to sleep each night it is usually with the music of Mozart playing softly. Sometimes the other reindeer tease him about this but usually they end up listening to the music that Dasher has playing.

DancerDancer is a girl. She is very nimble and often when Santa get stuck in snow or mud it is Dancer who can help lead the team out of the mess. Dancer is very creative. She loves art and music. She is very sensitive to the sleigh bells. If one is out of tune or if they don’t follow a measured beat Dancer sometimes can have a hard time flying. But when the bells are right Dancer is a sight to behold. She flies with great grace.

PrancerPrancer is a girl. She is Dancer’s sister, in fact. Prancer, as her name might suggest, is an expert runner. She flies well but she does very, very well on the ground, too. Prancer is very athletic and usually gives the boy reindeer a run for their money in competition. She is a multi-champion of the Reindeer Games. Santa counts on her as a competitor because she pushes the other reindeer to work harder.

VixenVixen is a girl. She’s all girl. She loves to wear bows, even when she flies. Vixen is opinionated and sometimes a bit of a joker. She likes to tease the other reindeer. She is quite spirited and does not like to be told she cannot do things just because she is a girl. Santa says she is tough, a kind of fighter. She faces up to every challenge and is very brave. Vixen is also very smart and continues her education every off-season. She is a reindeer historian and serves part time helping young reindeer learn how to fly.

CometComet is a boy and he is extremely fast. He has thick legs and muscles all over his body. He is so strong that sometimes Santa takes him on trips all by himself. Comet loves to pull things and sometimes will lead Santa’s sleigh in bad weather or tough terrain. He is a hard worker, perhaps one of the hardest and he loves a challenge. Comet is also very smart and can find ways to solve problems without Santa’s help.

CupidCupid is a girl. She is a real sweetheart. She loves to sing when she flies. She is very practical, however, and can sense danger very easily. She also has an intuitive sense for the weather. Often Santa will check with Cupid about weather changes she senses are coming and how far away she feels the weather might be. Cupid is very sensitive and tends to be protective of the other reindeer. Some of the other reindeer call her “Mom” because she tends to be a caretaker.

DonnerDonner is a boy. He’s Rudolph’s father, as you know, and he is the leader among all the reindeer. If Donner says the reindeer can go somewhere they all follow him. Donner is assertive and confident. If Santa is falling behind in his travel Donner takes charge and pushes the other reindeer to go faster. He is a positive force, one that never backs down. Donner is very brave.

BlitzenBlitzen is a boy. Known as the quiet one, Blitzen is the reindeer who never wants to stop working or take a rest. Santa just loves him. Blitzen is also a prankster. He likes to tell jokes and tease the others about little things. Blitzen is full of joy and always sees the brighter things in a situation. He is encouraging of the other reindeer and the biggest cheerleader of the group.

RudolphRudolph is a boy, of course. Famous for his nose, Santa wishes he was known more for his eagerness to serve. Rudolph never gives up. He is quite a bit smaller than the other boys on the team but he never struggles to keep up. In fact, Rudolph’s speed and agility make him among the fastest reindeer on earth. Like his father, Rudolph is fearless but like his mother Rudolph is sensitive and kind.

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