Santa's Launch from the North Pole 1

As the above radio news report above showcases, the launch of Santa’s sleigh is a big deal. It is, frankly, what we wait all year for.

It takes Santa between 31 and 36 hours to travel the world on his merry trek. We cover every minute of his ride.

Once Santa launches our website comes alive with Santa updates. With two to four updates per hour, each with audio from Kringle Radio, you get the news of Santa like only the North Pole and Santa himself can provide.

You will learn of where Santa is at any given moment. You will learn what he is doing.

You will receive updates on the reindeer. You will get reports directly from behind Santa’s sleigh as he goes around the world.

You will learn how people around the world prepare for Santa, how they celebrate Christmas, how they track Santa and how the respond after he has been there.

Some folks see Santa on Christmas Eve. We try to talk to as many of them as we can.

If you follow along on while listening to Kringle Radio you will have the best time you’ve ever had on Christmas Eve as you wait for Santa to get to your house.