Visit with Santa

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Santa Claus Ho-ho-ho-hello
Santa Claus Hello?!!!
Santa Claus Are you there?
Santa Claus Ah….there’s TWO of you!!!
Santa Claus To whom am I speaking?
Santa Claus Can you chat now? Santa is a little forgetful of the settings…
Damon And Jax Yes! We’re here!
Santa Claus Sorry about that!!!
Santa Claus Brain freeze! I was outside in the snow too long
Santa Claus To whom am I speak?
Damon And Jax Damon: I want to go to the North Pole! I don’t have a jacket yet though.
Santa Claus Mr. Damon!
Damon And Jax Jax: I want a crystal. And I want to be at the North Pole.
Santa Claus How are you Mr. Redhead?
Santa Claus Jax wants a crystal? What’s that?
Santa Claus 🙂
Damon And Jax Damon: Good. What did you do today at the North Pole?
Damon And Jax Jax: I want a pink crystal.
Santa Claus Today I got my hair cut. Mrs. Claus does not want me looking all shaggy for Christmas. What about you? What did you do?
Damon And Jax Jax: It has to come with wishes and magic in it.
Santa Claus What does a pink crystal do, Jax?
Santa Claus A crystal does all that?
Damon And Jax Damon: I played a game & played outside in the snow!
Damon And Jax Jax: Yes. It has all of that. I need it.
Santa Claus Oh…did you get a lot of snow there?
Santa Claus Wait a minute….snow where YOU live?
Damon And Jax Damon: We did get a lot of snow.
Santa Claus I need a crystal too! Gosh!!!
Santa Claus That sounds like the coolest. What would you wish for if you had a pink crystal?
Santa Claus Hold it…how do you get snow where you live.
Santa Claus I thought you lived in Atlanta or Barbados or Bermuda or something
Damon And Jax Jax: I wish I had toys like Elsa & barbies
Santa Claus Jax…you want Elsa’s toys? But what would poor Elsa play with if you have her toys?
Damon And Jax Damon: Is Mrs. Claus with you?
Santa Claus No, Mrs. Claus is out making cookies. She won’t let me in the kitchen.
Damon And Jax Jax: An Elsa doll. A big doll. I want that doll. I want a lot of toys for Christmas.
Santa Claus She says I steal the dough (and I do cause it’s really yummy)
Santa Claus But Jax…Elsa doesn’t play with toys. She plays with snowballs and ice cubes and stuff like that.
Damon And Jax Damon: Can you ask Mrs Claus to say hi to me and Jax?
Santa Claus Really? Ok, hang on…I’ll see if I can get her to log on
Damon And Jax Jax: Me too I love ice cubes
Santa Claus Give her a minute, she will be here
Santa Claus If I put ice cubes in your stocking they will melt Jax
Mrs. Claus hello boys!!!
Santa Claus Look who showed up just for you!!!
Damon And Jax Damon: What do you want for Christmas, Santa? A visit from me?!
Santa Claus A visit from you? You can do that?
Damon And Jax Damon: Hello! Would you like to visit for Christmas?
Mrs. Claus Oh how nice
Damon And Jax Damon: What kind of cookies are you making?
Santa Claus I would love to come visit but I’m a little busy right now. But I will visit your house on Christmas Eve
Damon And Jax Damon: Will you wake me up when you get here?
Mrs. Claus Right now I’m working on a pineapple macadamia cookie that Santa has not tried yet
Damon And Jax Damon: eww
Santa Claus Oohh….I don’t know. It’s not good to wake a sleeping boy. You might karate my foot off!
Damon And Jax Damon: I bet they’re good though…
Mrs. Claus What kind of cookie do you like, dear?
Damon And Jax Damon: No please wake me up. I’ve never seen you before!
Mrs. Claus If I made cookies for Damon and Jax, what kind should I make?
Santa Claus You have too seen me before!!!
Damon And Jax Damon: I like chocolate chip cookies
Santa Claus How could you forget??
Damon And Jax Jax: I love pink frosting cookies covered. Sugar cookies
Mrs. Claus Santa likes chocolate chip too
Damon And Jax Damon: I don’t remember seeing you
Santa Claus Oh Jax…I love sugar cookies with pink frosting!!
Santa Claus You forgot me? Big man. White beard. Belly like a bowl full of jelly?
Damon And Jax Damon: Could I see you again?
Mrs. Claus Yes, Santa eats a LOT of cookies
Damon And Jax Jax: what kind of cookies would you like us to make for you on Christmas Eve?
Santa Claus Yes, Damon. Someday we will meet again.
Santa Claus This darn virus has kept me from seeing a lot of kids this year. I’m sorry.
Damon And Jax Damon: Some day? Why some day?
Santa Claus Ohh….I want SUGAR cookies that you decorate all by yourself. I love THOSE the best
Santa Claus Well, most years I get to see children all the time. But this year, because of the virus, I don’t get to meet with anyone. I don’t make those rules but those are kinda the rules right now
Damon And Jax Damon: Could we visit the North Pole this Christmas? We kind of really want to see you
Santa Claus It’s a hard thing to understand, I know.
Damon And Jax Damon: how about I wake up on Chritmas Eve and see you
Santa Claus Visit the North Pole? That would be great! But how would you get here? There are no roads, so you can’t drive. There are no airports, so you can’t fly. And it’s too far and too cold to walk to….
Santa Claus Damon, do you have FAST eyes?
Damon And Jax Damon: how about you drive your sleigh here and pick me up and bring me to the north pole
Damon And Jax Jax: Me too
Santa Claus I wish I could people in the sleigh with me. But I can’t do that.
Santa Claus I don’t have any seat belts or car seats
Santa Claus So I can’t have passengers
Santa Claus Your Mom and Dad would have to come along too
Damon And Jax Damon: Whaaaaat
Santa Claus And it’s kinda cold in the sleigh
Santa Claus Aren’t you afraid of your Dad falling out?
Santa Claus I mean, he was never really good at sitting still
Damon And Jax Jax: If I had a crystal I would be Santa Claus and an elf and I would drive the sleigh and we could fit two persons because I’m small
Santa Claus And your Mom…she’s so light she might blow out of the sleigh
Santa Claus I would hate for that to happen
Damon And Jax Damon: that’s not good
Santa Claus Wow I have to get me one of those crystals, Jax!
Santa Claus You know what I think, Damon?
Damon And Jax Damon: What?
Santa Claus I think you maybe have seen a lot of movies that show kids coming to the North Pole, right?
Damon And Jax Damon: Not that much, but how do we get to the north pole
Damon And Jax Damon: you should use magic to take me
Santa Claus See, here’s the thing. The North Pole is not like you see on TV. It snows here. A LOT. Did you know that it started snowing here on October 24th and it has not stopped?
Santa Claus Have you any idea how much snow that is?
Santa Claus It is over the top of our HOUSE!!!
Santa Claus And it still has not stopped snowing
Damon And Jax Damon: wow Jax: that just means you can build a lot of snowman
Santa Claus Yes, you can build a LOT of snowmen with that, for sure
Damon And Jax Jax: and snow forts and snow b**NAUGHTY**s
Santa Claus But listen to me because I want to explain this to you
Santa Claus I know you want to come to the North Pole
Santa Claus A lot of kids do
Santa Claus And I don’t blame you
Santa Claus It sounds really neat
Damon And Jax Damon: They do?
Santa Claus But that really can’t happen
Santa Claus I get kids who ask me this question every day
Santa Claus every day
Santa Claus every day
Santa Claus every day!!!!!
Santa Claus And it makes me sad to tell them that they cannot come here.
Santa Claus You see, you have to be an ELF to come to the North Pole….
Santa Claus And I have millions of elves all over the world
Damon And Jax Damon: Ill have to just see you on Christmas then
Santa Claus And many of THEM have never been to the North Pole
Damon And Jax Damon: Dang it
Santa Claus Seeing me at Christmas is a good idea, but you have to know what you’re doing
Santa Claus Cause I move really fast
Santa Claus Do you know why I move so fast?
Damon And Jax Damon: I’m fast
Santa Claus I know you’re fast.
Damon And Jax Damon and Jax: I’ll actually figure out a plan
Santa Claus You have always been a fast guy.
Santa Claus Oh? What’s your plan?
Damon And Jax Daom: Hmm my plan is to stay up all night and we see you’
Santa Claus Well…you could try that….or I could tell you a better plan….
Damon And Jax Damon: what is it
Santa Claus Well, you know how every Christmas people make cookies and leave them out for me?
Damon And Jax Damon: Yes
Santa Claus Do you know why they leave cookies out for me?
Damon And Jax Damon: because… why
Santa Claus Because they think I’m HUNGRY
Santa Claus And do you know why that’s a little silly?
Damon And Jax Damon: I can put cookies in my room
Santa Claus You could…but then YOU would eat them
Santa Claus Let’s think a little harder….
Damon And Jax Jax: We won’t eat them we promise
Santa Claus Ok, but there’s someone else I want you to think of on Christmas Eve…
Damon And Jax Damon: okay but I go to bed in a minute
Santa Claus ok…we’re almost done
Santa Claus You see, everyone thinks of Santa on Christmas Eve…but I want you to think of some others….
Damon And Jax Damon:what do I think of
Santa Claus If you think of the reindeer, you MIGHT see me….
Damon And Jax Damon: ill listen for the jingle bells
Santa Claus That’s a good start
Damon And Jax Jax: what do reindeer eat
Santa Claus But there is more you can do for the reindeer
Santa Claus Ah, Jax is getting it!!!
Santa Claus If you think of feeding the reindeer you MIGHT see me!
Santa Claus Do you know what to do?
Damon And Jax Jax: Do reindeer eat carrots and candy canes
Santa Claus No!!!!!
Santa Claus I mean, they eat the carrots.
Santa Claus But please don’t feed them candy canes!
Damon And Jax Damon: What do we do
Santa Claus Well, the first thing you do is get a big bucket of water.
Santa Claus A BIG ONE
Santa Claus And you put it outside in the backyard…do you know why?
Damon And Jax Damon: okay
Santa Claus [link src=”×1030.jpg”]
Santa Claus Click on that link…it’s a picture of one of my reindeer I took a few months ago
Santa Claus Do you know who that is in the picture?
Damon And Jax Jax: Wheres the jingle bells
Damon And Jax Damon: who
Santa Claus This picture was taken at the reindeer’s home…not at the North Pole it was in the summer
Santa Claus That’s Benny!
Damon And Jax Damon: That’s benny?
Santa Claus Yes, he’s a cute little guy isn’t he?
Santa Claus He went on a hike with me in the woods
Santa Claus He’s having a hard time
Damon And Jax Jax and Damon: yes
Santa Claus You see, Benny doesn’t know how to fly yet
Santa Claus Isn’t that sad?
Santa Claus He’s kind of like you, Damon. He really wants to go to the North Pole
Santa Claus But Benny can’t yet because he can’t fly
Santa Claus Now, I have a number of people and other reindeer who are trying to teach Benny how to fly
Damon And Jax Damon: Oh if he can’t fly he can’t go to the north pole
Santa Claus Yes, that’s right.
Damon And Jax Damon: Tell benny hi
Santa Claus Do you know how hard it is for a reindeer to fly?
Damon And Jax Santa I have to get to bed soon I have school
Santa Claus I will tell Benny hi for you. He will be excited to know that someone knows his name
Santa Claus Ok ok ok….GOSH….darn school.
Damon And Jax Damon: How hard is it to fly
Santa Claus I love school but why does it have to come so early? Promise me we can chat again, ok?
Damon And Jax Damon: When?
Santa Claus It is pretty hard for a reindeer to learn to fly.
Damon And Jax Jax: He will learn
Santa Claus You want to know the secret to everything about the North Pole? About learning to fly? About going to the North Pole? About getting pointy ears like an elf?
Damon And Jax Damon: what ill keep it a secret
Santa Claus The secret is this and you don’t have to keep it a secret. You need in fact to tell this to EVERYONE that you can
Santa Claus The secret is YOU GOTTA BELIEVE
Santa Claus Once Benny really believes, he will be able to fly
Santa Claus It’s simple
Damon And Jax Damon: Okay ill keep trying
Santa Claus That a boy
Damon And Jax Damon: Ill try when I go to bed tonight
Santa Claus You talk to your Mom or Dad and we’ll chat again okay
Santa Claus Good boy!
Santa Claus Maybe next Monday night? Are you available?
Damon And Jax Damon: Ill ask my mom when we can talk again
Santa Claus Because you haven’t told me your REAL wish list yet
Santa Claus Ok, you let me know or have Mom or Dad let me know
Damon And Jax Damon: I made you a video with my wishlist
Santa Claus You did???
Damon And Jax Damon: Monday!
Santa Claus Oh boy! How cool is that!!!
Santa Claus How do I get to see it?
Santa Claus Can you have your Mom or Dad send it to me?
Damon And Jax Damon: My mom will send it to you
Damon And Jax Damon: I’ll keep the believing magiv
Santa Claus Ok,
Santa Claus Can you do me another favor?
Damon And Jax Damon: I made it on my new camera
Damon And Jax Damon: Yes
Santa Claus When you have time, I know you’re busy guys
Santa Claus Wait…you have a NEW CAMERA?
Santa Claus What type? Who gave it to you?
Damon And Jax Damon: Yes!
Damon And Jax Damon: My dad he wants me to take videos of famil
Santa Claus Oh really…what does the camera look like?
Damon And Jax Jax: A blue camera
Damon And Jax Damon: and silver
Santa Claus Ohmigosh you need to tell me about this on Monday
Santa Claus But I think it’s bedtime, boys
Santa Claus Yep, Santa is getting sleepy
Santa Claus How about you?
Damon And Jax Damon: no I’m never sleepy
Damon And Jax Damon: have a good sleep
Santa Claus Hahaha…everyone has to sleep,
Damon And Jax Damon: sings ” Santa Claus is coming to town”
Santa Claus Goodnight boys!
Damon And Jax Damon and Jax: Goodnight santa!
Damon And Jax Damon: And tell mrs Claus goodnight
Mrs. Claus Goodnight boys!!!