Elf Holidays

Elf Holidays
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elf Holidays

Elf HolidaysNot only do elves celebrate a lot more holidays than most folks they have their own unique calendar as well. This all-new episode of the North Pole Podcast discusses Elf Holidays and why they celebrate them.

Thank you for the enthusiastic response to our first episode of the North Pole Podcast. If you liked that one we’re sure you will like Elf Al Pyne’s discussion with Elf Dr. Grant Smedley of Southern North Pole University discussing elf holidays.

One of the finer details of this discussion deals with the revelation — for the first time ever in public media — of something called Toyvember.

Santa is a toymaker and his elves are his helpers. Toyvember is a unique period on the elf calendar when Santa dedicates the resources of all his elves specifically for the development of new kinds of toys. Fantastic stuff comes out of Toyvember and in this episode Dr. Smedley shares exactly how Toyvember works and how it fits on the elf calendar.

This kind of discussion is exactly the reason why Santa wanted us to develop a podcast in the first place. This is deep-diving into elf culture at its best. We hope you enjoy it.

Elf Ernest

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