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1 Week Until Christmas

1 week to go! Yay! We made it! I call this week “hands-on” this week. Mrs. Claus, for example, is doing stuff. Meetings and phone calls are pretty much over. She’s got herself up to her elbows in flour and giggles. Yes, she’s…
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Test Flights End Early

In an unusual move North Pole Flight Command has ended the test flight phase of Santa’s sleigh. Version 2 of the sleigh has been in testing since June and it is customary for sleighs to fly up until the final hours before Santa’s launch. Santa’s…
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Pre-Flight Operations Begin

Signs of Santa’s upcoming flight are starting to show. Yesterday, North Pole Flight Command announced the repositioning of the North Pole Navy. The ships of the navy are headed to their assigned bases of operation to support Santa’s flight. In…
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Vixen Was Injured a Year Ago

Thanks from a tip from a regular visitor to SantaUpdate.com, we now understand that Vixen’s injuries could date back to last Christmas. Ron Parker, a 31-year old father of two from Florida who has followed SantaUpdate.com since he was…
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Epic Christmas Party Planned

The North Pole is planning a massive Christmas Party scheduled to be held at the Claus residence. The party committee, chaired by Mrs. Claus, met today to finalize plans. As is customary, the party begins on Christmas Eve when Santa’s…
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Ten Days Until Santa Launches

Ten days remain until Santa’s launch and things could be getting very interesting here at the North Pole. Santa’s reindeer are a bit uptight as they do not yet know if Vixen will be available to fly for Santa this year. That means…
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Update from Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop is running around the clock these days as the countdown to Santa’s launch now sits at 11 days. As we reported on the day after Thanksgiving, the large countdown clock in the atrium at Santa’s workshop descends a…
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Vixen Still Uncertain to Fly

Vixen has had a good week. She took her first solo flight of the year and has worked out with Santa’s full team for the first time as well. Doctors are optimistic for her return but are not quite ready to declare that Vixen is cleared…
2 Weeks Until Christmas
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2 Weeks Until Christmas

Two weeks from today we will be tracking Santa and looking to the skies for him to come. Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve. That makes it the busiest time of the year at the North Pole – the absolute peak of Operation Merry Christmas. We…
Chat with Elf Ernest
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A Chat with Elf Ernest

Elf Ernest is the Senior Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole. In this chat, Elf Ernest talks a bit about his history and also the history of Santa Update. He tells of how the effort of answering questions about Santa and the…
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North Pole Post Office Reports Heavy Volume

Mail to the North Pole Post Office has increased significantly in volume. Postmaster Elf Hugo Slavia says elf positions are fully staffed and operating at full capacity already this holiday season. “The mail is starting to shift in…
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Setting Up Your Home Tracking Center

One of the more serious topics consistently pursued at SantaTrackers.net among tracker elves is the setup and design of the home tracking center. It is a topic of interest as well to casual trackers of Santa, too. What does it look like?…