Thanks for the Wishlist

Your wish list is has been instantly sent to Santa!

Did you know that submitting a wish list actually helps Santa? Having this information helps Santa plan and deliver on time. You see, when you submit it the list not only goes to Santa but it also goes to other departments at the North Pole.

Santa’s Workshop sees your list — and the lists of others — and from them they learn what toys and stuff to make. Likewise, the Wrapping, Tagging and Stocking Departments get that information too and they use it to plan as well.

You can come back and update your list at any time — even during the week before Christmas. Just don’t wait until Santa launches his sleigh on Christmas to change your list! It is hard for Santa to make changes after he has already left the North Pole!

So you did a good thing and Santa thanks you!

Visit the North Pole Post Office