Ask Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is one of the busiest people at the North Pole. She is always one of the people we most get questions about. Folks just want to know more about her.

But if you knew Mrs. Claus you would understand that she doesn’t like that. She is happy to be unknown. She wants all the attention to go to Santa. She believes in Santa’s mission and supports him greatly. She is, believe it or not, his best elf!

But she does not like attention drawn to herself. She is content to work in the background, without worrying if anyone notices her. Santa says she is the world’s greatest giver.

But we get questions for Mrs. Claus. She has graciously allowed for us to take in questions and she will meet with a member of her staff to answer the questions you send in. Elf Ernest will then post her answers as often as he can. You can send in your questions for Mrs. Claus below: