Chat with Elf Crash Murphy

Chat with Elf Crash Murphy 1Elf Crash Murphy is Santa’s Eye-in-the-Sky reporter for North Pole Radio News. He is most famous for his Christmas Eve radio news reports as he follows Santa’s sleigh around the world.

In fact, the Tracker Elf program at was inspired by Crash’s efforts to track Santa every Christmas. On many occasions during his flights behind Santa’s sleigh he has been able to help Santa by providing information. Crash’s help in tracking Santa for Santa gave Santa the idea to have tracker elves all over the world.

Since the beginning of the Tracker Elf program Crash has served as an Elf Trainer and a member of Santa’s Council on developing both the website and the growing community of Tracker Elves worldwide.

Crash is also an informal answer man for those curious about North Pole life. He has a regular feature on called “Ask Elf Crash“, where he answers some of the most common questions we receive.

Crash is a co-host of two special podcasts, the North Pole Podcast here on and the Santa Tracker’s Podcast over at

Elf Ernest Hello everyone. We will begin at the top of the hour or whenever Elf Crash shows up!
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Ernest!
Elf Ernest Hi there!
Elf Jolly Hi!
Elf Crusader Hello all
Elf Crusader Hi Ernest!
Crash Murphy Hi y’all
Elf Ernest Ah, Crash, you’re here!
Elf Crusader Hello crash
Elf Ernest Folks, this is a very informal chat today. Crash and I will talk for a couple of minutes and then I’ll open it up for questions, ok?
Crash Murphy Outstanding. Let’s go.
Elf Crusader Yes sir
Elf Ernest Crash, what are you up to?
Crash Murphy Well I know it feels a little quiet to folks but there’s actually a lot going on right now
Elf Ernest Yes, this is typically one of our slowest times of the year
Elf Ernest How do you see the “flow” of the elf year, Crash?
Crash Murphy Well, you know, after Christmas we’re all really tired and ready for a break
Crash Murphy Then the reindeer leave and we settle into a winter routine of work
Crash Murphy Santa called Toyvember so that makes this winter a little different and it seems to me to be going on FOREVER
Elf Ernest Are you working on anything for Toyvember?
Crash Murphy I’ve been trying to. But every time I go to my garage I end up working on my trike
Elf Ernest Yeah, I know that’s a passion for you
Crash Murphy Once the weather gets a little better in some parts of the world we start to see elves taking some vacation time. We get a window of vacation from Easter until about Christmas in July and then from August until about Canadian Thanksgiving.
Elf Ernest Are you taking vacation time this year?
Crash Murphy Yeah, I’ll do some time in a boat, trying to scare up some fish somewhere
Elf Ernest I had no idea you were a fisherman, Crash!
Crash Murphy I’m not. I usually have to take some cheeseburgers with me because I’m a lousy fisherman.
Elf Ernest Hahaha. So why do you do it?
Crash Murphy I think just to get away and relax
Elf Ernest Are you ready to take some questions? We have a lot of tracker elves with us today
Crash Murphy Heck yeah!
Crash Murphy A lot going on there
Elf Ernest Ok guys, let’s take it one at a time. Who has a question for Elf Crash?
Elf Crusader I do.
Elf Ernest Fire away
Elf Crusader So Crash, now that I’m a senior elf what do you think Santa expects from me?
Crash Murphy Well, Crusader, first of all, congratulations.
Crash Murphy I love the whole senior elf idea
Elf Crusader Thank you Crash
Crash Murphy And I think we’re all still getting used to the thing
Crash Murphy But based on everything I see Max doing with the website I think the senior elf team is going to need to be ready to answer a lot of questions
Crash Murphy And to help new elves navigate it all
Crash Murphy It just can’t be Max any more who does the heavy lifting.
Elf Crusader Something I already do
Crash Murphy I think he needs you guys
Crash Murphy Yes, you do already to it but I think you’re going to do a lot more
Crash Murphy The changes and stuff on the website are just staggering to me
Elf Crusader Oh
Crash Murphy This is going to be a big year of adjustment
Elf Crusader Wow
Crash Murphy I also think Santa will be using your podcast to reach some people too
Elf Crusader Really? Cool!
Crash Murphy Since Max redid the podcast page the listeners to the podcasts have gone off the charts
Elf Crusader Btw, when are we supposed to start that
Crash Murphy Have you see that redone page?
Elf Crusader No I haven’t Crash
Crash Murphy I don’t know when we start it. I think the chat today with Max might give us a clue. I understand he will be announcing some pretty big things
Elf Crusader Awesome!
Crash Murphy You should check out that page, it has the Crusader Christmas podcast in its own section
Elf Ernest Who else has a question?
Elf Crusader Cool! I’m gonna go see it now, and let someone else answer
Elf Jolly I do!
Elf Crusader And thank you Crash
Crash Murphy Go ahead, Elf Jolly
Elf Jolly How can we tell if a website is from the North Pole? Like not actually affiliated with Santa, just who they say they are.
Crash Murphy Well, you know us – meaning Elf Ernest, me, Elf Crusader, etc. All you have to do is ask one of us and we’ll tell you
Crash Murphy All of the Official North Pole Websites are tied with the same links
Elf Crusader Where do I find the podcasts Ernest?
Elf Jolly Ok!
Crash Murphy I know there is a lot out there and it can be confusing
Elf Ernest Hang on Crusader, I’ll get the link
Elf Ernest Here you go –
Elf Crusader Thank You
Elf Ernest Who else might have a question for Crash?
Elf Crusader I have another one
Crash Murphy I gotta tell you – the chat with Max today is a total mystery to me. So I’ll be there for sure.
Crash Murphy Go ahead, Crusader
Crash Murphy Oh, and Hi to Elf Ulan in Japan – one of my favorite elves!!!
Elf Crusader Crash, will there be more than one North Pole naturalist? I think it should be available to more elves
Elf Crusader The more help I have, the better
Crash Murphy I don’t know the answer to that one, Elf Crusader. I suppose it’s possible, but you’d have to ask Elf Sandy Claus or Santa, I guess
Crash Murphy Are you saying you want an assistant?
Elf Crusader Sorta
Elf Crusader Yes
Crash Murphy Hahaha – Elf Big Shot!
Elf Crusader Very funny
Elf Ernest Crash, the chat with Max today – you’re not in on those changes?
Crash Murphy No, I’m not. That one has been all Roger, Santa and Max. I was going to ask you what was going on?
Elf Crusader I’m gonna have to ask Santa the next time I get a chance
Elf Ernest LOL, I’m the news department. Nobody tells me anything
Crash Murphy Yeah, r-i-g-h-t
Elf Ernest What’s that suppose to mean?
Crash Murphy You know everything and everyone, Ernest
Elf Crusader Aren’t you the head elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest Nah, people avoid me because they don’t want what they know in the news
Elf Jolly I have another question!
Elf Ernest No, I’m not the head elf. I run the News Department so that gives me a lot of exposure
Crash Murphy Go ahead, Elf Jolly
Elf Ernest Santa is the head elf, by the way
Elf Crusader Ok, this is for you both: what’s the deal with all those planes flying over
Elf Ernest What planes?
Elf Crusader I knew that. Sorry I got confused
Crash Murphy Huh? Planes?
Elf Jolly Where exactly is Santa’s North Pole? Is it spread across the region of the North Pole, or is it in one place?
Elf Crusader There was something on CNN here in the US about Russia flying planes over the pile
Elf Crusader *pole*
Crash Murphy Elf Jolly, that’s a fair question
Elf Ulan I have some small questions too
Crash Murphy Remember that Santa has facilities all over the world, not just the North Pole
Elf Crusader He does?
Crash Murphy The reindeer ranches for example, he has one on nearly every continent
Crash Murphy But when you think of the North Pole and Santa, most people think of Santa’s workshop
Elf Crusader Whaaaaat?! I didn’t know that
Crash Murphy And Santa’s workshop is close to the North Pole but not exactly right on top of the pole
Crash Murphy Does that make sense?
Elf Jolly Yes!
Elf Crusader Is Santa’s house at the pole?
Crash Murphy And to support the workshop he’s got other facilities – like warehouses to receive materials for the workshop to make things with
Crash Murphy Some of those are inland and stuff is flown in by sleigh
Crash Murphy But there are also coastal warehouses up by Russia, Alaska and Greenland coastlines
Elf Crusader Does the pole ever get warm?
Crash Murphy The North Pole is actually a big, big place but a lot of people don’t realize it.
Crash Murphy The North Pole weather does fluctuate seasonally
Crash Murphy But we always have snow for Christmas in July
Crash Murphy And bad weather can and does hit all 12 months of the year
Crash Murphy It’s actually a very tough place
Elf Crusader So , if the US is in spring; so is the pole?
Crash Murphy As you know, I’m originally from the Southern part of the USA
Crash Murphy So coming here was a huge adjustment for me
Elf Crusader Georgia, correct? If I remember correctly from my podcast
Crash Murphy The North Pole has 10 months of winter and two months of a late fall. Spring is for planting tulips in greenhouses at the North Pole.
Crash Murphy Yes, Georgia
Elf Crusader Crash, why does Santa want me to do that podcast
Crash Murphy To spread the word about the mission at I don’t know everything but the tracking experience is maturing. Changing.
Elf Crusader I kinda feel like I’m the only tracker talking here
Crash Murphy I think Santa wants a lot of help getting elves on the same page
Elf Crusader I guess that explains it. Thank You
Crash Murphy Hearing from more of us will help elves out there who are really trying
Elf Jolly Also, is there an actual elf species?
Elf Ernest Crash, what’s your personal view of all the changes going on with Trackers?
Crash Murphy Golly, elf species….
Crash Murphy I feel like a scientist now
Elf Crusader Now you kinda know what it feels like to be a naturalist lol
Crash Murphy Elves are human, Elf Jolly. That’s as technical as I can get. Every elf I have met is just a regular person
Elf Jolly Ok, that makes a ton of sense.
Crash Murphy Ernest, to answer your question I’m very excited about the tracker program.
Crash Murphy Santa is wrapping his arms around it and really taking us to new levels
Elf Crusader Crash, how big is Santa’s house? Is. It actually a castle?
Crash Murphy I personally think it’s going to be a lot more fun
Crash Murphy No Santa’s house is not a castle. It’s big but not as big as people imagine.
Crash Murphy If there’s one thing unique about Santa’s house it’s his bathroom
Crash Murphy I usually make it a point to chug a ton of eggnog before I go to the Claus house because I love the bathroom
Elf Crusader Huh? His bathroom why?
Crash Murphy Well, really, it’s Mrs. Claus’ bathroom
Crash Murphy And she is so fastidious. Everything is SO CLEAN and it smells like….
Crash Murphy dang…how to describe it?
Crash Murphy Like Pine needles, I guess
Crash Murphy But that toilet….good golly, it’s the biggest throne you’ve ever seen
Elf Crusader That’s a little tmi
Crash Murphy And when you flush it….it goes woosh in the coolest way
Crash Murphy No, I’m telling you it’s an experience
Crash Murphy Just like everything else at Santa’s house
Crash Murphy Although Santa calls it Mrs. Claus’ house and he teases her that he’s just a guest in her house
Crash Murphy Hahaha
Elf Ernest Ok, guys, we need to wrap it up – last questions?
Elf Jolly Is the North Pole Times actually at the pole?
Elf Ulan I do
Elf Crusader Last one: are you ready for my second podcast interview with you
Elf Ernest The North Pole Times is AT the North Pole but it is not run BY the North Pole. So not an official North Pole website. Good guys over there. A lot of former elves.
Crash Murphy I think Frank or Harold or Roger will soon give us more information about the next podcast, Crusader
Elf Ernest Do you have a question, Elf Ulan?
Elf Ulan I wanted to ask about reindeer and Santa and your sleighs
Crash Murphy Ok, Elf Ulan
Elf Ulan Thank you!
Elf Ulan About reindeer, Rudolph is the first position for Santa’s sleigh. How about other reindeer? Do they have the same positions every year or different depending on their conditions? How was last year?
Crash Murphy Santa’s reindeer have set positions most of the time. But they can also be changed out.
Elf Ulan And do you have a vet there?
Crash Murphy Rudolph is frequently in the lead but sometimes Santa puts Comet out there.
Crash Murphy And you can count on Donner and Blitzen always being the anchors, closest to the sleigh
Crash Murphy They are really the leaders of the team
Crash Murphy They hear Santa best because they are closest to him
Crash Murphy And they are powerful. As those two go, so goes the whole team
Crash Murphy People do not know that each reindeer has a role.
Crash Murphy Rudolph out front is the eyes of the team
Crash Murphy Behind him, usually Comet and Vixen – see side to side, and are kind of in tune with weather hazards
Crash Murphy Behind them is Dasher and Dancer and their role besides helping to pull is to kind of be the radar in landing and taking off. That’s a skill
Crash Murphy Prancer and Cupid are kind of the team doctors. They keep eyes on everyone else and take over roles as others get tired
Crash Murphy There is so much going on with the reindeer.
Elf Ulan Wow, great!
Elf Ernest Great question, Elf Ulan!
Elf Ulan Thank you! And
Elf Ernest Crash – I think we need to have an article or a podcast or something on that topic. VERY interesting
Crash Murphy Yeah, I think Santa should answer those questions. I’ve learned some of this over time just by watching
Crash Murphy But I’m no expert
Elf Ulan About Santa’s Sleigh, I think your current sleigh is new. Does his sleigh make every year or repair some parts? Who designed it? Elf Big Sled Ted? I want to see you and his sleighs someday in the future. It’s one of my dreams.
Crash Murphy I’ll just say it is a real honor to see them work with Santa
Crash Murphy The work of Santa requires constant readjustment, Elf Ulan
Crash Murphy He always is trying to improve
Crash Murphy He also loves vehicles and going fast
Crash Murphy So he orders a new sleigh every year
Crash Murphy Just in the name of improving and going faster
Crash Murphy It is designed by the Research and Development Department
Crash Murphy Flight Command tests it
Crash Murphy And they work on it a lot
Crash Murphy Before Santa takes it out on Christmas
Crash Murphy After the season is over it goes right to the Sleigh Museum
Crash Murphy Only rarely does Santa re-use a sleigh
Elf Ulan How nice!
Crash Murphy Big Sled Ted is like me, just an elf in the cause. Great guy
Elf Ulan Do you have a museum for the sleighs
Elf Ernest Ok, everyone. We’re out of time. Crash, thank you!
Crash Murphy Oh yes, the Sleigh Museum at the North Pole gets a lot of visits
Crash Murphy Thank you everyone!
Crash Murphy This was a really fun chat!
Elf Ernest Thanks, Crash!
Elf Ernest Thank you everyone for being here!
Elf Ulan Than you Elf Crash!
Elf Ulan Thank you Elf Ernest!
Elf Ernest Thank you Elf Ulan – AWESOME questions!
Elf Jolly Thank you Elf Crash and Elf Ernest!
Elf Ulan I’m very happy to hear that!