Chat with Elf Max

Elf MaxElf Max, webmaster at, visited North Pole Chat to discuss the many changes to that website for 2022 and new features that tracker elves would enjoy in the coming year.

Elf Max was joined by Elf Ernest for this discussion.

Elf Max, a Senior Elf, lives in Canada and has served as webmaster of since its inception in 2016. Max volunteered for duty after hearing about the Santa tracker project on

Since that time has emerged not only as a connection for tracker elves tracking Santa for Santa to North Pole Flight Command but it has been built into an elf community for elves stationed remotely – like Max – all over the world.

In 2021 the website supported the recruiting, training, and communication of 200 million tracker elves worldwide.

Elf Ernest Welcome to North Pole Chat. Our guest today is Elf Max of Welcome Max!
Elf Max Thanks, Elf Ernest. Love being here!
Elf Ernest Max, the Santa tracker elf program is in its 6th year now. What’s changing?
Elf Max Well, it was a crazy Christmas. I think our goal in the new year is to make things better and more organized
Elf Ernest So…what’s being done?
Elf Max We are slowly getting a site redesign at
Elf Max And we’re organizing the elf community a bit
Elf Ernest How are you doing that?
Elf Max Elf Roger Star is building a team of senior elves
Elf Max That will help a lot to focus on our mission of tracking Santa
Elf Ernest How?
Elf Max Our Senior Elves will be charged with mentoring new elves and helping them to find training information
Elf Ernest How long does it take a new elf to train to be a tracker?
Elf Max We are introducing something we call Elf University this year. It’s a self-paced course that helps new trackers get up to speed quickly.
Elf Ernest If I’m an average elf, how long would it take?
Elf Max About five to seven days
Elf Ernest Ok, that sounds reasonable
Elf Ernest Welcome to all our chat visitors today. If you have any questions for Elf Max you can just shout them out
Elf white snow I signed up for Southern North Pole University last year when do I start this year
Elf Ernest Elf white snow, welcome. Where did you sign up for Southern North Pole University?
Elf white snow On this website
Elf white snow On chat room
Elf Ernest There is no sign up for Southern North Pole University on this website
Elf Max Haha, that would be neat!
Elf Max I’d sign up for that like yesterday
Elf Sugar Cookie Same here!
Elf Ernest I think a lot would. We have had visiting guests from the University in chat before, but never sign ups.
Elf white snow How do I signed up this year
Elf Ernest You’d have to go to the university, elf white snow.
Elf Ernest I think we’ll have Elf Dr. Grant Smedley on again in June, I think, maybe you could ask him then.
Elf white snow I don’t live at the North Pole
Elf Ernest I don’t know if the university even has a website. That’s a good question.
Elf Max I think they are open for enrollment only for North Pole residents.
Elf Max I’d love to go but I don’t live at the North Pole either. A lot of elves don’t
Elf Ernest Is that why you’re developing the Elf University online, Max?
Elf white snow On my Christmas list I put a 1 story house with santa
Elf Max Well, the Elf University at is focused on our mission of tracking Santa for Santa. But it is all online and any elf can take advantage of it
Elf Ernest Maybe Elf white snow can enroll there
Elf Max We would certainly welcome Elf white snow
Elf Radar Will Elf University contain the same information found in Elf Basic training now?
Elf white snow I WISH this chat room is open every day
Elf Max It will contain MORE and updated information. We are developing it now
Elf Ernest Elf Chat at is open everyday
Elf Ernest Right Max?
Elf Radar Sounds interesting.
Elf Sugar Cookie That is exciting news! Thank you for developing the new program, Elf Max; I can’t wait to see it!
Elf Max Yes, it is. I keep it open so elves can chat if they want. Occasionally we have scheduled events there like this one
Elf white snow I would like to talk to the North Pole everyday
Elf Max We are very excited about Elf University. But it will be several weeks before it is ready. We’re working hard
Elf Ernest Elf white snow, Elf Chat is the way to go then
Elf Ernest We have quite a few elves here today!
Elf white snow What’s Elf University
Elf Max I know! I love that!
Elf Lachie Hi sorry I’m late, is this the chat with elf max
Elf Ernest Elf University is a new resource Elf Max is developing at to train new tracker elves
Elf Ernest Yes, Elf Max is here Elf Lachie
Elf white snow You have any schools at the North Pole
Elf Max How can I help you Elf Lachie?
Elf Ernest There are many schools at the North Pole
Elf Ernest Hard to read what you are saying with that text Elf Lachie
Elf Lachie Thanks
Elf white snow I want to sign up
Elf Max I heard there was a Dog School at the North Pole, is that true Elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest Yes, there are a couple actually….
Elf Max Well, what do they teach dogs there?
Elf Ernest They teach them how to be elves
Elf Max No way!
Elf Ernest Seriously. Santa uses many animals, not just reindeer
Elf Max So…what are dogs trained to do for Santa?
Elf Radar That pretty cool!
Elf Ernest It depends. Some are sled dogs. Some are messenger dogs. Some are rescue dogs.
Elf white snow Any more update for this website
Elf Max Messenger dogs?
Elf Ernest Yes, they train dogs to deliver hand written messages. Usually top secret stuff between Santa and certain elves.
Elf Max I had no idea
Elf Lachie How much has the city captain job changed?
Elf Ernest What updates are your looking for on this website, Elf white snow?
Elf Max The City Captain position has not changed at all that I know of
Elf white snow Anything from the North Pole
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow, this all sounds incredible; I had no idea so many dogs were elves! If you ever need instructors over at that school, please let me know! I’m hoping to work with dogs someday.
Elf Ernest We update new here all the time. In fact, we have a new update coming out later today. Exciting news
Elf Max Yes, Elf Ernest. I think we want to know more about North Pole Elf Dogs
Elf Ernest I’ll put Elf Trixie on the story then!
Elf Max Cool! I love Trixie
Elf Ernest I never thought to talk about it. I didn’t think dogs were all that interesting
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you so much! That will be a great article for sure!
Elf Max I think everyone would love that!!!
Elf Ernest Ok! Wow, who knew chat would be so helpful today!!!
Elf Lachie I can’t seem to find this on I had to look on to find it, is this chat suppost to be in the elf chat there?
Elf white snow What is the Weather is like right now at the North Pole
Elf Ernest No, this is North Pole Chat – for general fans of Santa and the North Pole. Elf Roger was in Elf Chat earlier today at
Elf Ernest The weather is cold – and snowy. About -14 degrees out there. Miserable. Typical February
Elf Max Elf Harold posted up the chat recap a couple hours ago of that chat with Elf Roger
Elf white snow Can you post the North Pole Weather on this website
Elf Ernest We do occasionally. It’s kind of boring because it’s almost always the same
Elf Ernest Yes, Elf Lachie – there’s two chats – This one, called North Pole Chat, and then Elf Chat at which is just for Tracker Elves
Elf Max We actually try NOT to schedule chats on the same day between both sites. Today was just weird.
Elf Max I wanted to do this chat on Saturday, but I could not be here then
Elf Ernest Any other questions for Elf Max?
Elf Lachie Thanks. So this chat with elf max wasn’t at the one over at
Goofy Pete Max, do you have girlfriend?
Elf Radar just want to thank you guys for all your hard work. Things are looking great!!
Elf Ernest Correct, Elf Lachie. It was always scheduled over here.
Elf white snow Christmas List2022A 1 story house with santa for me my grandma my dog
Elf Lachie Got it
Elf Max Goofy Pete, I do have a girlfriend.
Elf Ernest Elf white snow – is that message for Santa?
Elf white snow Every one from the North Pole
Goofy Pete Elf Max, do you have pointy ears?
Elf Ernest Thank you Elf Radar
Elf white snow Its for this year
Elf Max No, I don’t have pointy ears
Elf white snow I can’t wait
Elf Ernest Elf Max – do you get questions like this all the time?
Elf Max No. These are a first for me!!!
Elf Ernest Hahaha…do you find you have become more famous?
Elf Max No, no….I’m not an important elf….
Elf white snow Did you see my Christmas list
Elf Lachie Don’t say that! you are!
Elf Ernest Everyone saw your list, Elf white snow
Elf Sugar Cookie Elf Max, you are very important and a huge part of why the Tracker program is so successful.
Elf Max I’m just a regular guy.
Elf Ernest Most of us are, Elf Max. I think you do a great job!
Elf Max Well, thank you. That’s kind. But I’d do anything for Santa.
Elf white snow Why doesn’t everyone from the North Pole has time to talk everfay
Elf Lachie We all appreciate your efforts elf max!
Elf Sugar Cookie You work very hard to help us elves out. We appreciate you, Elf Max!
Elf Ernest I think most here would do anything for Santa too!
Elf white snow Every day
Elf Max That’s what I find. Most elves, even new ones, as just so nice
Elf Ernest Thanks for taking time to update us, Max
Elf white snow Elf ernest
Elf Lachie Got to go bye!
Elf Max I appreciate being here
Elf Ernest We are almost 300 days to launch!
Elf Max I know it’s going by fast!
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you both; have a great rest of your day!
Elf Ernest Thanks for that chat Elf Max.
Elf Ernest Bye everyone!
Elf Max Bye all!
Elf Radar bye
Elf Jolly Thank you!!!
Elf white snow Why can’t everyone from the North Pole chat everday
Elf Jolly Bye!!!