Chat with Elf Ernest

Elf ErnestElf Ernest is Santa’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations and head of the News Department at the North Pole. His duties executive management of North Pole Radio News, Kringle Radio, The North Pole Gazette, The North Pole News,,, and all other official North Pole websites. 

He has worked for years beside Santa in trying to get news and information about Santa, his elves, the reindeer, Mrs. Claus and North Pole life out to Santa’s many fans and followers. 

He tirelessly works year round in the effort to keep the world informed in all things Santa. 

In this month’s chat he discusses a personal conversation he had with Santa about last year’s efforts and what will be coming in the year ahead as we follow the news of Santa yet again. 

Elf Harold Star Welcome to North Pole Chat. My name is Elf Harold Star, editor of the North Pole News and I will be facilitating today’s discussion.
Elf Harold Star Joining us will be my boss, Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole.
Elf Harold Star Elf Ernest has served in this capacity since 1991.
Elf Harold Star Part of his responsibilities is the News Department here at the North Pole
Elf Harold Star Which includes North Pole Radio News, Kringle Radio,,, and other associated North Pole Websites.
Elf Harold Star He manages dozens of elves who serve as writers, editors, announcers, producers and researchers for the News Department.
Elf Harold Star Today here is here to discuss the year ahead at the North Pole as well as on and other websites.
Elf Harold Star Elf Ernest, thank you for taking the time to be here today.
Elf Harold Star Does it distress you at all to see so few people here in chat today?
Elf Ernest Oh, not at all. We’re a month removed from Christmas and I don’t think many even know we’re here doing this today.
Elf Harold Star Are folks burnt out from Christmas?
Elf Ernest Not really. Christmas is always popular. But we are 11 months away from it, so I do not think many are paying attention.
Elf Harold Star Maybe that’s why we are here to get the ball rolling!
Elf Ernest That’s the spirit!
Elf Harold Star What’s happening with elves at the North Pole right now?
Elf Ernest Well, right after Christmas Santa gave us some down time. December, as you know is a month of working everyday. So we took a break.
Elf Harold Star Do you do anything special on your break?
Elf Ernest Oh yes, I slept a ton and ate like the little pig elf I am. I did a whole lotta nothing.
Elf Harold Star No travels?
Elf Ernest No, it just isn’t the time for it still, at least for me, with the virus and all. I think most North Pole elves stayed put.
Elf Harold Star When did you go back to work?
Elf Ernest Right after the New Year’s Eve celebrations died down. Santa met with me on New Year’s Day.
Elf Harold Star Is that routine?
Elf Ernest Yes, he always starts with the senior staff. January is a time of reflection and review. He always wants to talk about things when they are fresh.
Elf Harold Star So what did you talk about?
Elf Ernest We always talk about what went right and what could go better. We set goals. I think the conversation is the same for every elf in January. Santa does it with us and then we turn around and do it with the elves who work in our departments.
Elf Harold Star Any surprises this year in that conversation with Santa?
Elf Ernest Not at all.
Elf Harold Star Was Santa happy?
Elf Ernest Santa is always happy.
Elf Harold Star Even when things don’t go well?
Elf Ernest Especially when things don’t go well. Santa does not dwell on the negative. He’s always pushing forward.
Elf Harold Star What were the big take aways for you this year? What will be happening this year that is different?
Elf Ernest Well, we have a major restructuring of the News Organization. Not a lot of additions, just older elves in new jobs. A lot of elves – like yourself for example – will be more visible.
Elf Harold Star Why did Santa direct that? Was he unhappy the way things were structured before?
Elf Ernest No. I think it is more about doing more, giving more – you know, providing more news to our site visitors.
Elf Harold Star How will that be visible to our site users?
Elf Ernest Well I think it will be more visible for sure between January and October. I am not sure how much busier things can get in November and December.
Elf Harold Star Does Santa say why he wants to do this?
Elf Ernest Well, to be honest, it’s not really Santa. One thing we do is spend a whole day reading mail about the websites. And we’re just doing what our visitors are asking us to do.
Elf Harold Star So Santa takes orders…from his fans?
Elf Ernest Yeah, and because we talk so much about Santa, he really wants us to listen and to, uh, step on the gas a bit.
Elf Harold Star So…more updates, more chats?
Elf Ernest Well, I think we say more features. Updates, at least from me, will continue from here on out.
Elf Ernest But newsletters from you will be more frequent. Radio reports from Frank and Crash will be more frequent. And activity at will be totally refined.
Elf Harold Star What does that mean?
Elf Ernest Santa Trackers will get a total redesign, lots of new features, and I think some order to how that community is monitored and moderated. Time to get more elves involved there.
Elf Harold Star Wow, I think elves there will like that.
Elf Ernest I think they will too.
Elf Harold Star Will Santa ever promote elves from that site to the North Pole?
Elf Ernest I don’t see why not. Elves are elves.
Elf Harold Star We have a few visitors here now. Folks, go ahead and jump in with questions for Elf Ernest at any time.
Goofy Pete Hi. Elf Ernest. I have read your updates for years and I think they are great.
Elf Ernest Thank you, that means a lot.
Goofy Pete Do people ever get upset when reading news from the North Pole?
Elf Ernest Most don’t but every once in a while we report some things people don’t like. Did we upset you, Goofy Pete?
Goofy Pete No! Not at all. But I saw a guy on Reddit complaining.
Elf Ernest Oh– that’s just the Internet. All kinds of strange stuff is said out there.
Elf Harold Star Does it upset you to hear about things said that are negative about Santa Update?
Elf Ernest No. At first it did, a little. Santa had to talk to me about it. He could see I was bothered. But I don’t get bothered any more.
Elf Harold Star I notice you never really talk about yourself in the updates.
Elf Ernest Of course not. I know we get lots of questions and some times those questions get personal. People are just curious. But we have a job to do and that’s the news. I’m not news.
Janey Ernest, Santa didn’t get me what I wanted for Christmas.
Elf Ernest Well, I’m sorry, Janey. Have you talked it over with him?
Janey Yes, I sent him a letter.
Elf Ernest Then I’m sure he knows.
Janey But is he going to fix that?
Elf Ernest You’d have to ask Santa that. Not everyone gets what they want and there is a lot of reasons for that.
Janey But I thought if you sent in a wish list Santa had to get it for you.
Elf Ernest Oh no, that’s not how it works at all. The magic word there is “wish”
Janey Did Santa get you what you wanted for Christmas?
Elf Ernest Actually, I didn’t have time to send a wish list to Santa this year. But he gave me a very nice Christmas, yes.
Goofy Pete Santa hasn’t given me what I asked for in years!
Elf Harold Star Why not, Goofy Pete? Have you been naughty?
Goofy Pete No I think it is because I keep asking for impossible things.
Elf Harold Star Oh. Hahaha. What did you ask for this year?
Goofy Pete A rocket. A real rocket that I can ride to Mars.
Elf Harold Star Oh, well…no wonder.
Elf Ernest How old are you, Goofy Pete?
Goofy Pete I’m 46
Elf Harold Star Then you’re old enough to know that Santa probably can’t get you stuff like that
Goofy Pete Yeah. But I still ask because I’m still a kid on the inside. Maybe one of these years I will get lucky. But I love Santa.
Elf Ernest Janey, how old are you?
Janey I am nine
Elf Ernest Ok, I think I understand better. I cannot answer your question. But I’m sure Santa knows how you feel.
Janey Santa was nice to me. I got really good presents. Just not the thing I asked for.
Elf Ernest Well, Janey. That sometimes happens. But I think it might have something to do with someone or something other than Santa.
Janey My Dad didn’t want me to have it.
Elf Ernest Okay. I think I understand.
Janey I do too.
Elf Ernest Bless your heart, Janey.
Elf Harold Star Ernest, do you get to talk to many like Janey or Pete in the course of your job?
Elf Ernest This is the closest I get, here in chat. I just talk to other elves mostly. Every once in a while, Santa will hand me a letter from someone with a special situation and ask me to handle it.
Elf Harold Star Santa has to do that a lot, doesn’t he?
Elf Ernest Yes, he does. That’s why he has elves and gets as much done as he does.
Elf Harold Star Folks, our time with Elf Ernest is about up. Any last minute questions for him?
Elf Harold Star Ernest, when do all these changes kick in?
Elf Ernest We’re starting on them today. Lots of announcements coming.
Elf Harold Star Okay – thanks for taking the time to update us. Great chat.
Elf Ernest Always a pleasure to do this, Harold.
Janey Thank you!
Elf Ernest Bye everyone!