Mrs. Claus' Holiday Tips

Mrs. Claus has a lot to share about Christmas and every holiday. Below is a collection of chats, features and recipes we have collected over time that come from Mrs. Claus. If you want to ask Mrs. Claus a question or seek her advice for celebrating in your home, please click here.

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Mrs. Claus Chat

Chat with Mrs. Claus

Our Christmas in July chat series continued with Mrs. Claus today. She talked about handling things while Santa is away and shared lots of cooking tips and information - including the fact that she and Santa collect cocoa beans from all over the world and make their own chocolate! Here ...
Mrs. Claus chat recap

Chat Recap with Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus visited North Pole Chat today and discussed a variety of topics, including the cooking and eating habits of Santa. (Santa was at home grilling today, something that he loves to do). Also discussed is the fact that she is a trained and certified sleigh pilot, how she puts ...

Mrs. Claus Talks Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa is our first conversation with Mrs. Claus for Santa Update. This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing feature here on Santa Update. I did try to convince Mrs. Claus to record our conversation but she is not quite comfortable with that just ...