North Pole News Special ReportOne of the big issues facing the North Pole this Christmas is the Merry Prankster. For the first part of the year it appeared he was pretty harmless with the silly pranks that he played. But as the season has come closer his antics have become more serious.

Can he derail Christmas? Will he try to stop Santa from delivering? The answer to these questions are unknown at this time. Here are the news stories we have published about the Merry Prankster so far this year. Let’s hope there are not many others:

12/20 — Santa Urges the World to Forgive
12/20 — Merry Prankster Caught!
12/19 — Merry Prankster Nearly Caught
12/19 — Workshop Flooded by Merry Prankster
12/17 — Stink Bombs Explode in Workshop
12/16 — Prankster Creates Chaos Again in Wrapping Department
12/15 — Elves Vow to Support Santa
12/14 — Merry Prankster Vows to Stop Santa
12/13 — Tracking Center Computers Hit with Virus
12/12 — All Eggnog Stolen from the North Pole
12/10 — Training Wheels Put on Santa’s Sleigh
12/9 — Workshop Pranked Again
12/7 — Virus Scare at the North Pole
12/5 — Santa Says Prankster is Very Naughty
12/4 — Sugar Swapped for Salt in Elf Cookies
12/3 — Prankster Paints Santa’s Sleigh Pink
12/2 — Elves Want the Merry Prankster Caught
12/1 — Prankster Gets to the Wrapping Department
11/30 — Merry Prankster Disrupts the Reindeer Games
11/27 — Merry Prankster Strikes Santa’s Workshop
11/21 — Warnings About Prankster at Thanksgiving Parade
11/20 — Prankster Replaces Reindeer with Goats
11/19 — Santa Meets About the Merry Prankster
11/18 — Prankster T-Shirts Show Up at the North Pole
11/12 — Prankster Hits the North Pole Post Office
11/5 — Prankster Makes Mayonaise Cupcakes
11/4 — The North Pole Has a Prankster
11/1 — Prankster a No-Show at Halloween Party
10/30 — Merry Prankster Expected to Crash the Halloween Party
10/28 — Manhunt Underway to Catch the Merry Prankster
10/24 — Merry Prankster Hijacks Halloween at the North Pole
9/24 — Prankster Rains Popcorn Down on the North Pole
9/2 — Doors Glued Shut at the Sleigh Barn
8/24 — Merry Prankster Messes with Countdown Clock
7/24 — North Pole Swimming Pool Filled with Eggnog
6/24 — Everything Turned Backwards at the North Pole
5/24 — Sugar put in the Salt Shakers at the North Pole