Questions for the North Pole

Is this website real?

Yes. It is written by a staff of elves charged by Santa Claus to give news directly from the North Pole. It isn’t like any other website on the Internet. All we do is provide information year round about Santa, the North Pole and elf life. That’s it. We have been doing it since 1991.

What does this website do?

Santa does a job every year – a big job. He doesn’t do that job by himself. We tell his story – and that’s it. We don’t sell anything. We don’t have advertisements. We are here just to share the news.

Is Santa Claus real?

Yes. We think that is a silly question. The evidence of Santa is everywhere. He visits millions of homes, his picture is everywhere, and millions swear to his reality. Why question?

How do I know this is his real website?

You don’t have to believe us. We understand if you don’t believe. But do you really think we would go to the expense of publishing a website and updating it for 25 years or more…for nothing? Read the site. You decide.

Why does Santa launch from the North Pole on December 23rd?

The world is a big place. While it may appear to you that Santa launches on December 23rd there are other people in other parts of the world that see him launch on December 24th their time. When it is December 24th there it is only December 23rd where you are. Our countdown clock and our news reflect the actual time when Santa departs – and that will appear as a different time to everyone.

Can I become an elf?

Yes. Click here.

Can I ride on Santa’s sleigh?

Probably not. It is very dangerous. But you would have to ask him for sure.

Can I call Santa?

Sure! His phone number is toll free, 1-866-84-Santa (866-847-2682) . Santa is a very busy guy and he prefers to meet with people in person. If he was always on the phone he wouldn’t be able to meet with them in person, would he? So we think the chances of catching Santa in his office are pretty slim. But leave a message for him at least.

Can I talk to Santa if I pay money?

No. Santa has no interest in your money or your parents’ money. Santa is very busy and that’s why he can’t take phone calls or answer emails. You might run into him somewhere and he’ll talk to you for free.

Can I move to the North Pole?

That would be up to you and your family. It can be a tough place to live.

Can I work in Santa’s workshop?

Maybe. It takes years to qualify. You need to finish school. You need to gain some very useful skills such as toymaking or reindeer management. Perhaps you could pursue a degree in sleigh engineering. Santa personally interviews each elf who works at the North Pole. It takes a long time to get here.

Do I have to live at the North Pole to be an elf?

No. There are millions of elves all over the world. Santa needs them everywhere. Click here.

Are elves really short?

Some are. But most are not.

Do elves have pointy ears?

Some do. Most do not.

Is someone I know an elf?

It is quite possible. Elves are sworn to secrecy. Most never tell anyone they are an elf.

Can an elf visit my house?

Chances are they already have.

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