Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff of SantaUpdate.com works year round without pay. Their dedicated efforts are fueled in a belief in Santa Claus and a love of Christmas.

  • Editors

    Editor-in-Chief: Elf Ernest
    Media Editor: Elf Frank Myrrh
    Newsletter Editor: Elf Harold Starr
    Events Editor: Elf Winslow Rutherford

  • Staff Writers

    Elf Ernest
    Elf Trixie
    Elf Frank Myrrh
    Elf Crash Murphy
    Elf Winslow Rutherford
    Elf Ed Zachary
    Elf Meg Nogg
    Elf Dr. Grant Smedley

  • North Pole Radio News

    Lead Anchor: Elf Frank Myrrh
    Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter: Elf Crash Murphy

    Radio Reporters

    Elf Holly Berry
    Elf Al Pyne
    Elf Red Stocking
    Elf Merry Ann Brite
    Elf Yul C
    Elf Roz

  • Website Development

    Chief Elf Officer: Jeff Westover, MyMerryChristmas.com
    Content Development: B. Francis Morlan
    Radio/Audio Producer: Sean Sotka
    Radio Programming: Jay Isherwood
    Art Direction: Penelope Barnhurst

    Dedicated elves and contributors: Mary Hansel, Jan & Scott MacGillivray, Glen Warren, Shawna O’Malley, Michael Rielly, Maureen Gilchrist, RadioJonD…and many more.

    SantaUpdate.com is proud to be entirely staffed by volunteers