Elf Sandy Claus

Elf Sandy ClausElf Sandy Claus heads the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. It is a very big job.

She is in charge of elf recruitment, hiring, training, payroll and benefits. In such a role she know just about everybody at the North Pole.

Elf Sandy gets lots of questions about her name. And here is the truth: no, she is not related to Mr. or Mrs. Claus in any way. Here name is merely a coincidence.

Nevertheless she gets a lot of kidding about it at the North Pole. Elves tease a lot. But Elf Sandy seems to take it in stride.

Elf Sandy is from Germany, where she grew up with 4 siblings — all sisters — and where she went to school. She worked for many years for a German automobile manufacturer before applying for the Department of Elf Resources job at the North Pole. She was shocked to win the job but Santa told her when she was hired that she was always on the Nice list.

Sandy misses her family but travels frequently to Germany to visit.

Elf Sandy is single, living in a cute gingerbread-style home on Candy Cane Lane at the North Pole with her dog Bluto and a cat she calls Misty.