Elf Merry Ann Brite -- News Anchor 1Elf Merry Ann Brite is one of the newer voices of the North Pole radio news team.

Elf Merry Ann operates a travel blog in the off-season and speaks many different languages. These skills, along with talents she learned at broadcast school while in college, has made Merry Ann an asset in covering the news of Santa and Santa trackers in remote locations.

Here is one of her reports:

Merry Ann is an elf who works on the go for Santa, handling special projects in far away places such as central Africa and deep in Brazil’s Amazon jungles. She ventures to these places, meeting with government officials on Santa’s behalf and usually does not make it back to the North Pole until September every year. From there she usually heads out to whatever remote location her reporting assignments take serving Santa in the dual role of ambassador and radio reporter.