Elf Grumbles -- Director of Toy Safety 1Elf Grumbles could very well be the shortest elf at the North Pole. He stands just 3 feet and 4 inches tall.

With his big ears and a squeaky voice he could very well be the image of an elf so often used in the movies.

Elf Grumbles, despite his height, is an elf of great stature at the North Pole. It is his job to see that every toy Santa makes and delivers is SAFE to use for kids of all ages.

Don’t let Grumbles’ name fool you — aside from Santa, there may not be a jollier elf at the North Pole.

Elf Grumbles is constantly laughing and telling jokes. He likes to walk around and wiggle his ears just to hear other people laugh.

He got his name as a baby. His mother just couldn’t feed him enough when he was a baby. He would cry so much for food six or seven times a day she thought it would be cute to call him “Grumbles”.

Elf Grumbles is married to Elf Gerty and they have 17 children, making them one of the largest families at the North Pole.

When Elf Grumbles isn’t working in Santa’s workshop he likes to make candy, ride his skateboard and write poetry. He also takes lots of naps.