Elf Gloria -- Commissioner of Christmas Traditions 1Elf Gloria is very old.

No one here at the North Pole knows exactly what her age might be, but she moves with some difficulty and speaks slowly. She has deep, penetrating blue eyes that sparkle when she laughs. And she is very quick witted.

Gloria fulfills a sacred role here at the North Pole — she is Commissioner of Christmas Traditions.

In her role, she makes sure that everything associated with Santa Claus, the North Pole and Christmas strictly follows tradition. For example, a few years back a crisis on Christmas Eve arose when Gloria discovered that the bells on Santa’s sleigh were not in tune. Now, that may sound like a small detail to you. But to Gloria and, ultimately, to Santa, it was important to get that detail just right.

Gloria understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of the holiday. While she cannot see everything that goes on at the North Pole, she somehow seems to show up whenever things get a little out of hand. And her word is strictly obeyed.

Elf Gloria is a widow but lives with her family of 7 children all boys and all elves. She has 48 grandchildren, 73 great-grandchildren, and 119 great-great-grandchildren. She also has several goldfish.