Elf Bernard -- Head Elf at Santa's Workshop 1Santa has a workshop and Bernard runs it.

Santa’s Workshop makes anything and everything associated with Christmas — from lights to bows to those little tags inside the stockings that say “inspected by #4”. It is a huge job employing hundreds of thousands of elves.

If you ever got a chance to meet Bernard you might wonder how he got such an important job.

Bernard is nice but he’s tough. He is a little stern and he is a stickler for getting the details just right. Supervising all of the other elves can sometimes be a hassle and Bernard can get a little testy if the workshop falls behind.

But he is also very optimistic. No matter how bad things get, Bernard remains positive and he is a very firm believer in Santa. He goes out of his way to see to it that no one is forgotten. And he knows how to keep his head about him in a crisis.

Bernard has served in Santa’s workshop for decades now and has won the Most Valuable Elf award several times.

He sits on Santa’s Council and is a very important person here at the North Pole.

Bernard is married with four grown children — all of them elves in Santa’s employ, a fact that Bernard and Mrs. Bernard are very proud about. When Bernard isn’t working in Santa’s workshop he likes to build rockets, model airplanes and anything he can think of with Legos. Bernard also spends a lot of time each Christmas season building an elaborate light display on his home at the North Pole.

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