Was it Santa?
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Possible Santa Sighting Reported

Santa left the North Pole on foot 11 days ago…and we have not heard from him since. But a report received via SantaTrackers.net says Santa was spotted in Alaska. Analysts from the North Pole Flight Command and Tracking Center are evaluating…
Mrs. Claus
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Mrs. Claus Takes Command at the North Pole

Happy Christmas in July Greetings! Well the news is starting to sink in that Santa won’t be here for a while. Today it was revealed that in Santa’s absence Mrs. Claus is going to be in charge. That’s not unusual. She’s…
Santa Leaving the North Pole 1
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Santa Leaving the North Pole

Yikes !!! He did it. Santa DID cut his hair and DID shave off his beard. His chin is as bald as a baby’s backside. He looks so different! And his announcement shocked everyone. Santa is leaving the North Pole. On…
Santa cuts his hair
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Crazy News from the North Pole Barbershop

Happy Friday! We have some crazy news today from the North Pole Barbershop, of all places. Elf Bob, the North Pole Barber, says that Santa cut his hair and shaved his beard there today. That’s just crazy sauce right there. Santa…
Emergency Meeting at the North Pole
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Santa Convenes Emergency Meeting of Santa’s Council

Strange news, folks! Santa called an emergency meeting of Santa’s Council today. Santa’s council is made up of the head elf of every department. (That includes me). We all had to get into uniform – which is weird for the week…
Big Santa News
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Santa Plans Big Announcement for Saturday

Merry Tuesday Greetings! We’ve made it to day #4 in the Jingle Bells Singing Contest. Just two elves remain – Elf Jasmine and Elf Frieda. Already this is a historic contest. No girl elf has ever won the Jingle Bells Singing Contest…