Updated Information on Santa Released 1
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Updated Information on Santa Released

New information about Santa’s location has been shared at the North Pole. In a meeting today with key elves Mrs. Claus shared that she has received her first message from Santa since he left on walkabout. Santa is well. He reports that…
Efforts to Find Santa Underway 2
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Efforts to Find Santa Underway

A committee has been formed consisting of department heads at the North Pole involved in the efforts to find Santa. They provide the following update on that effort: Elf Roger Star has announced the deployment of the North Pole Navy by…
Search for Santa
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The Search for Santa

The North Pole is mobilizing the search for Santa after a surprise announcement by Mrs. Claus. North Pole Radio News featured an interview with new International Director of SantaTrackers, Elf Crash Murphy. He said departments are meeting…
Find Santa
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Time to Find Santa

The Office of Mrs. Claus issued a statement today that has taken nearly every North Pole Department by surprise. It read, in part: "Santa left on walkabout nearly two months ago. In that time, Santa has traveled to a distant part of the world…
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Santa Heads Out on Walkabout

Early in the morning hours Santa bid adieu to Mrs. Claus, the elves and all at the North Pole as he headed out on walkabout. Where he is headed only he knows and how long he will be gone is unknown. As Elf Ernest explained yesterday a walkabout…
Santa talks
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Santa Talks About His Absence

Greetings, all! I met with Santa the other day. We talked about everything. First – Santa wants you to know that he is taking the Bah Humbug thing seriously. Mrs. Claus has met with medical experts to determine causes and prevention…
Santa Returns
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Surprise Return for Santa

Holy smokes! What a shocker! The Elf Parade was going very smoothly, in fact, it was just about to end when a giant birthday cake was wheeled in front of the large crowd sitting by the windows of the Emporium. “Happy Birthday” starting…
Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh 3
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Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Greetings! Santa’s sleigh designers have finally put Santa’s new sleigh to the skies. Yesterday they took Santa’s new sleigh out for its first flight. Reports have come in that the sleigh is large, roomy, but still very agile.…
No Sign of Santa as Thanksgiving Approaches 4
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No Sign of Santa as Thanksgiving Approaches

Howdy! Thanksgiving is just five days away now and we still have had no sign of Santa returning to the North Pole. After the failed raid in France a few days ago everyone seems almost afraid to talk about it. Santa is not here and…
Failed Raid
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Santa Remains Missing After Failed Raid

BREAKING NEWS – Elves from North Pole Security launched early this morning from the North Pole and headed for a location in France. There they conducted a raid in a search for Santa. They did not find him. Instead they frightened a…
Where is Santa?
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Elves Clamor to Search for Santa

Greetings! Just a day after it was announced that Santa dared his elves to find him somewhere out in the world elves everywhere are now on the prowl. Here at the North Pole elves are on their computers, talking to friends and relatives…
Santa Challenges Elves to Find Him 5
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Santa Challenges Elves to Find Him

Huge, Holy-Cow Breaking North Pole news kids! Santa is safe and he’s not messing around. The mystery of “Where is Santa?” hasn’t quite been solved but now we know for sure why Santa is gone and why nobody can find him. Officials…