Santa Found
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Santa FOUND in Sector 5

It has been several weeks since Elf Harriet told North Pole Radio News that the elves from the Wrapping Department would find Santa. Today they are claiming they have found him. Details are sparse at this time but we understand one of those…
Santa to Chat
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Santa to Chat During Christmas in July

Christmas in July has been a very active period for chats with North Pole elves. Here on, we have chatted already with Elf Ernest and Elf Max. As posted on the Christmas-in-July page we have scheduled some chats with Elf Roger…
Santa Still Missing
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Mrs. Claus Rallies Elves to Keep Searching for Santa

Santa Claus was last in Bolivia, according to information shared last week here on At that time, we shared speculation from North Pole Security that Santa was headed to Sector 3. Today North Pole Flight Command issued a correction,…
Santa Visits in South America 1
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Santa Visits in South America

Santa Claus is in South America, North Pole Flight Command confirmed today. He dropped in to visit one of his many reindeer ranches, this one located in Bolivia. The reason Santa stopped by the ranch was to see a particular reindeer who is…
Santa Spotted in Canada Fighting Fires 2
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Santa Spotted in Canada Fighting Fires

Santa Claus was recognized in a fire crew working the wild fires raging in Canada. This is a legitimate, confirmed sighting of Santa that has reignited the search for Santa by the North Pole. After weeks of having no clue of Santa’s…
Santa Makes a Request 3
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Santa Makes a Request

Mrs. Claus has relayed a request from Santa just as the test flights for Santa’s new sleigh are about to begin. She has asked North Pole Flight Command to prepare a special radio unit that will allow Santa to listen in on flight communications…
Santa Drops Clues in North Pole Chat 4
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Santa Drops Clues in North Pole Chat

Santa Claus made a surprise appearance today in North Pole Chat, which was originally scheduled as a feature with Elf Crash Murphy. Santa is the subject of a worldwide search as a training exercise for several North Pole Departments. He has…
Santa Sighting in South Africa
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A Close Encounter with Santa

Santa Claus was seen, and talked to, by a genuine North Pole Elf away on business in the country of South Africa. Elf Petey LaCroix, a well-known professional tracker elf who is sometimes heard on Christmas Eve on the Tracking Santa Around…
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Maybe Santa Was Not in Mexico

There is a possibility that Santa never went to Mexico and is actually somewhere still in Asia or round about. Elf Crash Murphy gives a full explanation in the North Pole Radio News Report available in the player above. The search for Santa…
Santa Tracked to Mexico 5
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Santa Tracked to Mexico

Santa logged in this week at and awarded several elves there with points in a generous show of appreciation and an audacious taunt to those pursuing him on the Find Santa Task Force at North Pole Flight Command. Santa said…
Sneaky Santa
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Sneaky Santa Evades Elves

The weekly briefing by Elf Agent X of North Pole Security revealed frustrations by elves searching for Santa. Elf Trixie’s post on Sunday telling the story of Mrs. Claus receiving a letter from Santa was the first thing discussed in the…
Search for Santa
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New Page Launched in the Search for Santa

The North Pole News Department has launched a new page to track the news related to the search for Santa. The page can be found at this link. Updates on the search for Santa will be posted by Elf Harold Star, supported by Elf Winslow and…