Operation Merry Christmas
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Operation Merry Christmas Off to a Fast Start

Operation Merry Christmas is what we call the final phase of Santa's mission each year - the delivery phase. Why are we talking about delivery with about a month to go? Well, it is because every department at the North Pole should…
The Elf Parade
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The Elf Parade Marches Through the Snow

The Elf Parade turned into a march through the snow as a blizzard bore down on the Thanksgiving morning events at the North Pole. Officials met for some time before deciding the Elf Parade must go on. By the time the decision came down…
Millions Sign Up
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Millions Sign Up to Become Elves for Santa

Millions are signing up to become elves these days. A new report passed around the North Pole earlier today indicating that North Pole Flight Command is well on their way to achieving the goal of 200 million elves tracking Santa for Santa this…
Good News from Santa's Workshop 1
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Good News from Santa’s Workshop

Good news from Santa's Workshop! Things seem to be ahead of schedule. If you recall, last Christmas Eve there was a bit of drama due to an error discovered a the last minute that left Santa short of toys to deliver. Of course, a massive…
Thanksgiving Events
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Thanksgiving Events at the North Pole

Thanksgiving events at the North Pole are all the talk this week. The North Pole loves to do things together for Thanksgiving. Before we can get to the big event we call Operation Merry Christmas there are a lot of other things that have…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games are Coming

The Reindeer Games are coming soon to the North Pole and folks here cannot be more excited. The games are actually a way for the reindeer to get ready for Santa's flight. They all began many years ago to break the tedium of just doing…
How to Contact Santa
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Update from the North Pole Post Office

Update from the North Pole Post Office - in the radio report below you can hear some advice from Post Master Elf Hugo about how to contact Santa. Things are extremely busy at the North Pole Post Office these days - and getting busier all the…
North Pole Flight Command
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Flight Command Gets Santa’s Sleigh Ready

Flight Command has nothing but good news to report about Santa's sleigh. With 9 days left until the start of Operation Merry Christmas it appears the Sleigh Department is way ahead of schedule: The test flights of Santa's sleigh have…
10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas Begins 2
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10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas Begins

Operation Merry Christmas begins in just 10 days - and the frenzy is on at the North Pole. Operation Merry Christmas is what we call the delivery phase of Santa's mission. It is when every elf, department and thing at the North Pole comes…
Update on the Elf Parade
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Learn More About the Elf Parade

The Elf Parade at the North Pole on Thanksgiving Day is coming up soon and we are learning more about the event for this year. First of all, and most exciting for us, the tracker elf community from SantaTrackers.net have been invited…
Donner Returns to the North Pole 3
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Donner Returns to the North Pole

Donner has returned to the North Pole. According to handlers in the Reindeer Operations Department Donner just showed up very late last night without a fuss. "I was tending to Bruno, one of our older reindeer who is a little sick right…
Top Speed at Santa's Workshop
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Reports of Top Speed at Santa’s Workshop

Santa's workshop is working at top speed these days. With Operation Merry Christmas just a few weeks away now nobody is taking any chances of a mess up. Last year, if you recall, it was discovered that a big inventory error - a math error,…