Christmas Stockings
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Sleigh Prompts Warning About Christmas Stockings

The greatness of Santa's new sleigh is prompting an unusual warning about your Christmas stocking.   North Pole Flight Command is telling us that Santa's new sleigh is "light years" ahead of anything he has flown in the past.…
Tracker Elf Recruiting
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Tracker Elf Recruiting Kicks in to High Gear

Tracker elf recruiting has kicked into high gear as we approach the final ten days before Santa's launch. These are the biggest days of the year for getting new elves to track Santa for Santa. Tracking Santa for Santa is not like tracking…
Wrapping Department
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Wrapping Department in a Sticky Situation

The Wrapping Department at the North Pole is experiencing a few issues, it was learned today. Scotch tape is in short supply and the North Pole inventory has nearly been used. Elves have been working for months to resolve the issue knowing that…
Backup Team of reindeer
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Backup Team of Reindeer Named

The backup team of reindeer has been named today by the Reindeer Operations team after conferring with Santa. It's a big deal in the world of reindeer. The backup team of reindeer have a lonely assignment. It is a high honor to be named…
Secret Santa Games at the North Pole 1
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Secret Santa Games at the North Pole

Secret Santa games are being played at the North Pole. This is a common thing in a lot of businesses and workplaces all over the world. Groups of people working together will draw names and then secretly try to gift something to the person whose…
Santa and the North Pole are Virus Free 2
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Santa and the North Pole are Virus Free

Santa and the North Pole were declared virus free by the North Pole Medical Clinic. Santa returned briefly to the North Pole specifically for medical tests. Although these tests are routine many have looked at them this year in suspicion…
St. Nicholas Day Celebrated at the North Pole 3
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St. Nicholas Day Celebrated at the North Pole

St. Nicholas Day is being celebrated today all around the world, including at the North Pole. St. Nicholas is someone many people confuse with Santa Claus. In fact, in today's North Pole Radio News report (in the player below), Elves…
The North Pole Has Plans
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The North Pole Plans for a Busy Week

The North Pole has a busy week ahead. Today is just a brief break before all that lies ahead. Monday is St. Nicholas Day, which is a big event at the North Pole. Santa Claus is, of course, a big fan of St. Nicholas and most people at…
Reindeer Games Suffer a Shake Up 4
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Reindeer Games Suffer a Shake Up

The Reindeer Games saw a shake up in the points leaders and it's a whole new ballgame today. Blitzen still leads overall but there are several new challengers knocking at the door. As you will hear in the North Pole Radio News report…
Two Year Old Reindeer
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Two Year Old Reindeer Surprises at the Reindeer Games

Two year old reindeer joining the Reindeer Games this year are getting some attention as the games got underway yesterday. Snickers, Trixie and Helga surprised in the early going with strong showings against more experienced reindeer such as…
Christmas Tree
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The Importance of Your Christmas Tree

According the Institute of Merriment Studies, this is traditionally the busiest week for selecting and decorating Christmas trees. Our tradition during this week is to accept the advice of a resident elf at the North Pole who has studied Christmasology…
Drones Will Not Be Used
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Drones Will Not Be Used to Help Santa

Drones have been an experiment the Sleigh Department has been working with for a long time. It does not appear, however, that the technology is ready for Santa to use, however. Drones are a technology being explored by a lot of people.…