The Many Colors of North Pole Flight Command 1
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The Many Colors of North Pole Flight Command

News Recap: North Pole Flight Command uses a color coding system to send alerts to elves. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational - Sector 1 (Oceania): In the Red Zone - Sector 2 (Asia & the Middle…
Tracking Santa Radio Show
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Tracking Santa Radio Show Begins

News Recap: Kringle Radio presents the annual Tracking Santa Around the World Radio Show which begins now as Christmas Eve dawns in the Far East. The show last year was heard in 133 countries around the world by millions of people. For the next…
Christmas Eve
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Christmas Eve Arrives Shortly Around the World

Christmas Eve is just about to begin. Within just a few short hours, it will be Christmas Eve in the far corners of the world. The North Pole Radio News Report above talks a little bit about some of what will happen in the hours ahead. A…
Record Mail Storms the North Pole Post Office 2
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Record Mail Storms the North Pole Post Office

The North Pole Post Office is a bit of a chaotic mess right now. The anticipation of Santa's launch, the record-breaking number of elves signing up to track Santa for Santa, and the wish lists of billions are pouring into the the North Pole…
Trackers Begin Check In
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24 Hours Until Trackers Begin Check In

Tracker Elves are just 24 hours away from checking in with North Pole Flight Command. Elves Frank and Crash discuss what this exactly means and why it begins on December 22nd in the North Pole Radio News via the player above. The tracker…
45 Million More Tracker Elves Needed 3
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45 Million More Tracker Elves Needed

Tracker elves are not your usual elves. They are elves who live anywhere. Their job is to track Santa for Santa. North Pole Flight Command announced today that presently there are 155 million tracker elves on the rolls so far for Santa…
Quiet Sunday at the North Pole 4
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Quiet Sunday at the North Pole

It is a quiet Sunday at the North Pole, the final day off for elves before Christmas. Today is the day of the traditional Christmas Devotional at the North Pole Chapel. The Christmas Devotional is always a special event. Santa usually…
North Pole Navy Deploys
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North Pole Navy Deploys

The North Pole Navy has deployed to various oceans on the globe in their mission to support Operation Merry Christmas. Some people are really surprised to learn that the North Pole even has a Navy. I don't know why this is so shocking…
Tracker Elf Conference
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Tracker Elf Conference Tomorrow

The annual Tracker Elf Conference for trackers that track Santa for Santa will convene at on Saturday at 10am EST. Tracking Santa for Santa is not like tracking Santa anywhere else. As a tracker elf working for Santa,…
North Pole Security
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North Pole Security Hard at Work

North Pole Security has a big job to do every Christmas and they are hard at work with it right now. I talked with Elf Agent X, head of North Pole Security, after our little discussion the other day about the Cookie Desk in North Pole…
Santa's Workshop in High Gear 5
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Santa’s Workshop in High Gear

With about a week to go all eyes at the North Pole are on Santa's Workshop. The question here everyone is asking is "Will they get it done this year?" Everyone questions that because of what happened last year. A last minute snafu…
Professional Trackers
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Professional Trackers Gather at the North Pole

There are just 8 days until Santa launches and the signs of his journey are all around us. Today a gathering of professional field tracker elves is taking place at the North Pole. These professional tracker elves are different from the…