All Ready Now for Launch 1
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All Ready Now for Launch

With chants of "Let's go Santa!" the crowd at the North Pole is urging Santa to get on with it. But Santa won't be rushed. He enjoys this last minute routine of walking around the sleigh, checking every little detail and speaking to the…
Production Way Up at the North Pole 2
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Production Way Up at the North Pole

Great news today! A senior staff meeting of key elves at the North Pole reported that productivity in all critical departments at the North Pole are way ahead. Santa's workshop is now 5 days ahead of schedule. That is a significant number…
What to Feed Reindeer 3
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What to Feed Reindeer

We have noticed a big increase in traffic to the website since Halloween and with it have come even more questions for Elf Crash. Today's question is a classic: What do you feed Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve? This is a question we…
9 Months Until Christmas 4

9 Months Until Christmas

Goodness gracious! Another month has gone by and now there are only nine months left until Christmas. And I've got news! You would not believe how fast the walls went up on Santa's new workshop. The walls and the roof are up and they are…
Santa Plans a New Workshop 5
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Santa Plans a New Workshop

Santa announced today that a new workshop is planned to be constructed in 2018. Santa's workshop has been remodeled many times since its construction more than 170 years ago. But never has it been replaced. The new workshop will be built…