Stocking Mail
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Stocking Mail Activated

News Bulletin: Stocking Mail, an advance message delivery system for getting last minute messages through to Santa, has just been authorized. Santa Tracker Map - Click here to see the latest location of Santa's sleigh Santa Tracking…
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How Santa Gets Your Messages

The North Pole Post Office is handling record amounts of mail and messages for Santa, which is to be expected with Christmas just a few days away. But among the many questions streaming into the North Pole right now is just how Santa…
North Pole Post Office Reports Heavy Volume 1
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North Pole Post Office Reports Heavy Volume

Mail to the North Pole Post Office has increased significantly in volume. Postmaster Elf Hugo Slavia says elf positions are fully staffed and operating at full capacity already this holiday season. “The mail is starting to shift in…
Increased Mail Streams Into the North Pole Post Office 2
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Increased Mail Streams Into the North Pole Post Office

The North Pole Post Office has reported that mail for Santa has increased more than 40 percent over the previous month. This kind of increase is normal at this time of the year. For Elf Hugo, Postmaster at the North Pole Post Office,…
Chat with Elf Hugo
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A Chat with Elf Hugo

Elf Hugo, postmaster at the North Pole Post Office, stopped in recently to North Pole Chat to talk about getting mail to Santa. Here is a transcript of that conversation: Elf Ernest Folks, with us today is Elf Hugo, postmaster at the…
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Elf Hugo Coming to North Pole Chat

North Pole Chat in September will highlight a discussion with Elf Hugo of the North Pole Post Office. The chat will be held at 10am EST on Sunday, September 17th in North Pole Chat here at Elf Hugo is a familiar face in…
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17 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi guys, there are now only 17 weeks until Christmas. As we head into the end of August you can feel the changes coming here at the North Pole. Like most places, the children here are back in school. They are, like believers everywhere,…
20 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 weeks now remain until Christmas and I’ll tell you – that sure sounds like a small number to me. We count down week by week but it never really feels like we’re getting closer to Christmas and then suddenly one week comes along…
North Pole Post Office Encourages Mail for Santa 4
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North Pole Post Office Encourages Mail for Santa

The North Pole Post Office reports record levels of mail incoming for Santa today. In fact, today is the busiest day of the year so far. Elf Hugo says his teams are fully staffed and while very busy they are so far able to keep up. There…
Stocking Mail
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Understanding Stocking Mail

Stocking mail is a very special capability of moving messages, drawings and Christmas cards to Santa at the North Pole. But it is not always active. In fact, it is only activated when Santa says so. Santa has not yet activated stocking mail…
4 Weeks Until Christmas 5
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4 Weeks Until Christmas

There are just 4 weeks left until Christmas and things here are so busy at the North Pole. I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll tell you first about Trixie, my reindeer. I got to see her this week for Thanksgiving. She came…
9 Weeks Until Christmas 6
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9 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang! 9 weeks left now until Christmas. I was going to talk some more about Halloween but, honestly, there are some bigger things of Christmas to share with you. As you may know, the test flights of Santa's sleigh are happening…