Fire Disrupts Safety Meeting in Santa's Workshop 1
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Fire Disrupts Safety Meeting in Santa’s Workshop

Greetings! We had an interesting moment the other day over in Santa’s workshop. Elf Grumbles, head of safety at the North Pole, was holding his annual Safety meeting in Santa’s Workshop. Santa takes safety pretty seriously because…
North Pole Blizzard Intensifies 2
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North Pole Blizzard Intensifies

Weather conditions at the North Pole are worsening. The Tracking Center says south winds are sustained around 35 mph with gusts reaching as high as 80 mph. Temperatures are hovering just below freezing, which is very unusual for the North Pole…
North Pole Blizzard Intensifies 2
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Elf Grumbles Suggests Fewer People in Santa’s Workshop

Santa's workshop is operating by candle light but hearts are all merry as progress is being made on Operation Merry Christmas. "We set a new record," Elf Bernard. "We have made more toys the past 24 hours than ever before. We have never…