Four Months Until Christmas Eve 1
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Four Months Until Christmas Eve

Greetings! Last month we talked a lot about mail Santa receives. Let’s talk this time about mail we receive as elves. We all get mail. I think kids really like elves and in their heart most kids want to grow up to be an elf and work…
How to Become a Santa Defender 2
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How to Become a Santa Defender

There are several popular elves at the North Pole but the one who gets more mail than any other elf (besides Santa) is Elf Ed Zachary. We haven't talked a lot about Elf Ed this year. But he is always getting letters, answering questions…
How to Become a Santa Defender 2
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Why You’ll Never Catch Santa

A question came in for me the other day asking what it would take to catch Santa in your house on Christmas. Well, kids, I will tell you. You can try -- but you'll never catch Santa. There are lots of fancy video cameras and even apps…
How to Become a Santa Defender 2
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Excitement Builds as North Pole Prepares for Light Competition

It is a busy Saturday at the North Pole as folks here are working on their lights, Christmas trees and yard decorations in advance of the big lighting ceremony at the North Pole later next week. Every year, Santa flips the switch on the lights…
How to Become a Santa Defender 2
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When People Say Bad Things About Santa

Of all the letters we get at the North Pole nothing is more sad, to me, than those who write bad things about Santa Claus. I understand that all kids go through a stage where they may not believe in Santa Claus. But that is no reason to say…