Challenges for North Pole Security 1
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Challenges for North Pole Security

With five days now until Santa launches we are receiving word from North Pole Security that there are many challenges facing North Pole Flight Command. Computer issues, from hack attacks to bot swarms have plagued North Pole websites…
Setting Up Your Home Tracking Center 2
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Setting Up Your Home Tracking Center

One of the more serious topics consistently pursued at among tracker elves is the setup and design of the home tracking center. It is a topic of interest as well to casual trackers of Santa, too. What does it look like?…
All About Your Christmas Tree 3
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All About Your Christmas Tree

We are now just 4 weeks until Christmas! Hi everyone. Elf Ernest here, filling in for Elf Trixie this week. By tradition, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year, Santa has us make an important post all about the Christmas tree. Why?…
Live Report from the Elf Parade 4
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Live Report from the Elf Parade

Happy Thanksgiving from the North Pole! It’s a day off for Santa’s Workshop, for North Pole Flight Command, for the Wrapping Department, for the North Pole Post Office and for all operational units of Santa’s enterprise at the North Pole. There…
Incredible Finish to the Reindeer Games 5
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Incredible Finish to the Reindeer Games

For the first time in 28 years Rudolph is the champion of the Annual Reindeer Games at the North Pole. Rudolph capped his championship run with a surprise win in the sky pull, a strenuous competition of sleigh pulling while in flight.…
North Pole
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Quietest Day of the Year at the North Pole

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is unofficially known as the Quietest Day of the year at the North Pole. While Santa’s workshop, the Wrapping Department and the North Pole Post Office remain hard at work it is also the most requested…
Parades at the North Pole 6
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Parades at the North Pole

Officials at the North Pole invite the fans and believers of Santa Claus to join in the Elf Parade celebrated on Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole. The Elf Parade is a tradition dating back hundreds of years. It is a tradition of Operation…
North Pole
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Blizzard Hits the North Pole

A fierce North Pole blizzard has descended on the North Pole in advance of the annual Reindeer Games and the events surrounding Thanksgiving. “The storm came in a little faster than we anticipated,” admitted Elf Seymour Snow, head…
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Thousands of Baby Reindeer at the North Pole

Among the 60,000+ reindeer at the North Pole seeking to help Santa with Operation Merry Christmas this year are thousands and thousands of baby reindeer. These little ones won’t be working for Santa in any official capacity this year.…
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Chat Recap: Update on Operation Merry Christmas

With the return of Santa and Mrs. Claus to the North Pole with the reindeer the chat with Elves Ernest and Crash about Operation Merry Christmas took on an unexpected tone. It dominated much of the conversation. Here is a transcript of that…
Elf Sign-ups
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Elf Sign-Ups Surge

According to Elf Crash Murphy sign-ups of new tracker elves at are surging. Tracker elves track Santa for Santa from locations all over the world. “We are not doing much to recruit new elves this year,” Elf Crash said.…
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Chat Substitution Announced

With the absence of Mrs. Claus at this time from the North Pole and the return of her home unknown we are making a substitution on the chat schedule for the scheduled event in North Pole Chat this weekend. We will be taking questions…