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6 Weeks Until Christmas

There are now just 6 weeks until Christmas. And it is getting crazy. I visited Santa’s workshop this week with Mrs. Claus. I was there to just take notes for her in a meeting with Elf Bernard. I’ve talked to you about Elf Bernard…
4 Months
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4 Months Until Christmas

Hi friends! Today marks 4 months until Christmas and it is a very busy time right now. Over at Santa’s workshop there is a weird kind of deadline. You see, Santa does not have many wish lists sent in yet. A lot of believers honestly…
Update from Santa's Workshop 1
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Update from Santa’s Workshop

Santa's workshop is one busy place these days. But after meeting with Elf Bernard there this week Santa feels like things are right on track. We also sent Elf Crash Murphy there today to check things out and you can hear his report for North…
3 Months Until Christmas 2
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3 Months Until Christmas

Greetings everyone! There are now officially just three months to Christmas and it’s snowing here at the North Pole! That has made things festive and busy indeed around here. While things are going really well with Santa’s sleigh and…
21 Weeks Until Christmas
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21 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi ho, just 21 weeks to go until Christmas. I’m starting to get really, really, really, really, really excited. This summer-time elf thing has been a lot of fun for me. No school means I get to work most of the time at my first real…
Workshop Gets Busy Fast 3
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Workshop Gets Busy Fast

Howdy! Let the work week begin! The lights were on and elves were back at work at 2am local time as the final push in this week of Christmas begins at the North Pole. Elf Bernard and his team in the workshop quickly organized all the…
One Month Until Christmas
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1 Month Until Christmas

Merry Greetings and guess what? It’s only 1 month now until Christmas Eve! Hearts are just soaring today at the North Pole. I cannot tell you how happy people here are to know that Santa is safe and on the job. Rarely have I seen…
Santa's workshop
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Santa’s Workshop Off to a Fast Start

Hi everyone! I was just over at Santa’s workshop and saw Mrs. Claus meeting with Elf Bernard. She is very happy with how things are going over there and Elf Bernard seemed to be thrilled with the congratulations that Mrs. Claus gave to…
Elves on Strike
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Elves Organizing, Upset about Santa

Greetings everyone! A surprise today at the quarterly meeting with representatives of the Elf Union -- they presented Elf Bernard, head of Santa's Workshop, with a letter demanding answers about Santa's "disappearance" from the North Pole.…
North Pole Media Explodes with Worries About Santa 4
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North Pole Media Explodes with Worries About Santa

A report from the North Pole Gazette on Saturday has upset a lot of people at the North Pole. The newspaper article said authorities at the Flight Command Center are really "hunting Santa", not just using Santa's planned absence as a training…
Extra Sleighs Taking Up Valuable Space 5
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Extra Sleighs Taking Up Valuable Space

Hi ho! A couple of months ago I shared with you about the big project at the North Pole that Santa began – thousands of sleighs being built and painted different colors. Remember when I told you about the big barn Santa built to store…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Tooth Fairies Brought in to Help in the Workshop

Merry Christmas everyone! The frenzy at the North Pole continues at this late hour as elves everywhere rush to get things completed. Elf Bernard put out the word that he needs as many hands as possible to help in Santa’s workshop. Once…