9 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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9 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang! 9 weeks left now until Christmas. I was going to talk some more about Halloween but, honestly, there are some bigger things of Christmas to share with you. As you may know, the test flights of Santa's sleigh are happening…
North Pole Security
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North Pole Security Hard at Work

North Pole Security has a big job to do every Christmas and they are hard at work with it right now. I talked with Elf Agent X, head of North Pole Security, after our little discussion the other day about the Cookie Desk in North Pole…
Kidnapping Santa 2
Test Flight Returns Bringing Eggnog 3
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Test Flight Returns Bringing Eggnog

Elf Test Pilot Vicky Blaze has returned from the final test flight of Santa's sleigh and she has brought a surprise: eggnog! "Bless her heart," Elf Hank, head of the North Pole Christmas Party said. "She stopped by a store and cleaned them…
Keeping Santa Safe 4
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Keeping Santa Safe

Happy Monday! On what is sure to be a big week at the North Pole there is all kinds of talk here about what needs to be done. Everyone is quite excited. This week is all about getting ready to see Santa off on his big ride. Over at the…
Santa's Voicemail
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Is Santa’s Voice Mail Hacked?

Hi everyone! Some interesting news for you today. You may or may not have noticed that over at JingleKringle.com – another merry site run by the North Pole – we have added a new feature. You can now call Santa directly at his…
Tracking Santa
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Santa in Poland

Lots of news: Santa has arrived in Poland, surprising everyone. Nobody expected that. And some parts of South America now have their bed time warnings. Santa just couldn't hold them off any longer. Take a listen to the report from Kringle…
North Pole News
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15 Hours Until Santa Launches

Only 15 hours remain in our countdown to Santa's launch from the North Pole. Things are very busy here. We have learned in the past few minutes that there is desperate need for more secret spies in Australia. You can sign up to become…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Prankster Nearly Caught

Hi everyone! Over the past 24 hours we have been receiving a flood of concerned comments and emails about the North Pole’s problem with the Merry Prankster. Frankly, folks are frustrated that he hasn’t been caught yet and they are concerned…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Workshop Pranked Again

Happy Friday, everyone! You’re not going to find a busier place in all the world during the 2nd week of December than Santa’s workshop. It’s going 24 hours a day. That’s why Elf Bernard wants to know how it is possible that…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Santa Says the Prankster is Naughty

Greetings! Another big meeting today of department head elves, Elf Agent X and even Santa to discuss again the Merry Prankster situation. For the first time in public EVER Santa has declared someone NAUGHTY. The rumors have been around…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Elves Want the Prankster Caught

Greetings Everyone! Elf Agent X met today with all department heads at the North Pole to update us on the Merry Prankster investigation. Elves are demanding answers. Elf Bernard said his elves are nervous that something is going to…