Call the North Pole
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Calling the North Pole

Happy Saturday! How are ya? It’s a busy Saturday here at the North Pole. The question for Crash Murphy today is kind of personal. He’s asked how someone can call him. Now, you all know that for a couple of months we have…
Your own elf
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Getting Your Own Elf

Merry Greetings all! Another great question today for Elf Crash – how can I get my own elf? Crash thinks that a crazy question. But I want you to know that no question in crazy. Ask us anything you want. We will do our best…
Too old for Santa
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When are you too old for Santa?

Hello everyone! The North Pole Post Office just keeps receiving the questions coming in for Elf Crash Murphy. It’s great to see so many of you already in the Christmas spirit! But today’s question is a tough one. It comes from…
Santa's phone number
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How to Call Santa

Hi everyone! We told you last month about how to call Santa. Believe it or not, there have been a lot of questions about that. In this report from Elf Frank and Crash we hear exactly how to call Santa. Remember, this is a toll…
Teacher Elf
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Question from a 3rd Grade Class

Hi everyone! Today Elf Crash Murphy gets a question from an entire class of third graders. This kind of thing happens all the time and we just love it. Hearing from teachers and students is one of the highlights of working in the Public…
Belief in Santa

Believing in Santa Claus

Merry Greetings! Another great question today for Elf Crash Murphy asked by Josh in Melbourne (Australia! -- Thanks, Josh!). Josh very sincerely asks, "How do I make other kids believe in Santa?" That's a real concern. Many kids feel…
No other reindeer

Why do the same reindeer fly every year?

Happy October Greetings! Elf Crash Murphy answers a question today about the reindeer. Kids are always asking about the reindeer. Sometimes I think reindeer are more popular than elves. But this question is a fair question. Why does…

Does Norad Really Escort Santa?

Howdy! Elf Crash Murphy received another flight question today, this one about military jet escorts on Christmas Eve. This is a really good question and I'm glad that Craig in the UK asked it. We get this question quite a bit for some…
Northern Lights

Ask Crash: Can you see the Northern Lights from the sleigh?

Greetings everyone! Elf Crash Murphy may spend more time on a sleigh in the skies around the world than any other person besides Santa. He has simply been everywhere and seen everything that you can see from a sleigh. So he is the perfect…
What if you're awake when Santa comes?

What if you’re awake when Santa comes?

Howdy! The first of the questions answered by Elf Crash Murphy is here and you can listen to it in the player below. The question has to do with what to do if you're awake when Santa comes to your house. What will Santa do? This is…
Questions for the North Pole
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Questions from Santa Fans Pile Up

Merry Greetings! Here at the North Pole we're always making lists of things. Last night we got to talking about the questions kids are asking these days about Santa and we decided to make a list of the most common questions that are coming…