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Santa’s Workshop Falling Behind

I stopped by the workshop today to find it in chaos. Elf Bernard looked like he hadn’t slept in days. I asked him what was going on and he said they were majorly behind schedule. “It all started when one of the plastic molding machines broke down. It took our maintenance staff 3 days to […]

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Santa’s New Sleigh Just About Ready

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Santa's New Sleigh Just About Ready



I checked in on Elf Quinton today to see how preparations were coming on Santa’s new sleigh. Believe it or not, Santa flies a new sleigh every year. It is redesigned from the ground up, made to go faster, fly higher and perform better in the many different kinds of places where Santa has to […]

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Santa Gives Advice About Christmas Trees

According the Institute of Merriment Studies, the first week of December is traditionally the busiest week for selecting and decorating Christmas trees. Our tradition during this week is to accept the advice of a resident elf at the North Pole who has studied Christmasology and can give tips for enjoying your tree more. Upon request, […]

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Cupid Injured at Reindeer Games

There is tough news out of the Santa’s Stables this morning. Cupid got injured while practicing landings. I tracked down elf victor to see what happened. “Cupid was coming in for a landing and his left hind quarter hit the side of the roof. It put a tiny crack in the hoof. We sealed the […]