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Santa in Northern Russia

Santa is again up near the artic circle in Northern Russia visiting coast fishing villages and military outposts. We are hearing radio reports in the tracking center of communication between his sleigh and the sleigh Mrs. Claus left on just a short time ago. Apparently Santa will be stopping soon to lunch with Mrs. Claus. […]

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Kathmandu Reports!

Santa is all over the map in his deliveries. Kathmandu is now reporting as well as tiny villages at the base of Mt. Everest. It is expected that Santa will slow down a little as he heads north into Russia. The middle east is coming up in the next few hours and this is always […]

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India Reports!

Santa is in India. We’ve received numerous confirmations that folks there are waking up to a happy Christmas morning there. Somewhere in his travels Santa has ordered ten sleighs filled with elves, wrapping paper, tape and scissors to leave the North Pole for somewhere in North Africa. He has ordered another ten sleighs filled with […]

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Santa Spotted Near the Arctic Circle in Russia

Santa is making quick work of rural Russia and the tiny villages of remote Siberia. Military installations near the arctic circle in northern Russia are reporting that Santa is clearly visiting the sparsely populated area in the frozen areas of the north. He’s very close to him right now. — Elf Ernest Bedtime Warning: Oman