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Santa Sends Much of South America to Bed

Lisbon and Madrid are reporting a Merry Christmas now. We’re also getting spotter reports of Santa as far north as London but that has not been confirmed yet. In a startling turn of events Santa has sent much of South America a bedtime warning, even though it is just a little bit early there in […]

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Warsaw, Paris and Helsinki Report

Santa is all over Europe at this hour and we’re getting reports faster than we can take them. Santa is once again moving very, very fast. We have heard from the cities of Warsaw in Poland, Paris in France, Helsinki in Finland and Oslo in Norway…and many other points inbetween. Your eyes should be everywhere […]

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Santa Races Through Africa

Santa has shot up north, covering the heart of Africa in record time. Across the plains of Africa, into Congo and Chad, through the troubled city of Cairo and up towards Israel Santa has flown with almost reckless speed. Santa has a lot of ground to cover in Europe and Western Africa in just the […]

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Santa Blitzes the Middle East

We’ve got reports coming in from all over the Middle East. Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Baghdad — cities, towns and entire countries are all reporting Santa’s visits. “We’ve got another new record!” Elf Quinton exclaimed. “Santa is moving faster than ever!” This is not unusual at this stage of Santa’s flight. In fact, many […]

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Santa Visits Moscow

Santa headed back north and now we’re receiving reports from Moscow. Folks seem to be very happy there. Santa is working at a blistering pace. It is at this point every year where he seems to be everywhere at once. We wonder if Santa will be able to do that as well this year while […]

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Instanbul Reports

Santa is back in his homeland of Turkey. The cities of Instanbul and Ankara have reported in the past little while that Santa has been there. From here Santa has a number of options. He can head into northern Europe or down into Africa. It will be interesting to see what he does. — Elf […]