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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 4 Weeks

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Operation Merry Christmas begins in 4 weeks! That’s right. Time to get excited, everybody! Imagine it: in just four short weeks we’ll be getting DAILY updates from the North Pole as the countdown to Christmas gets really, really, really, really, really, really serious. Really. Oh, I got my costume. […]


Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 5 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 5 weeks! Holy smokes, that’s soon! Next week is Halloween! And I still don’t have a costume. I’m getting worried, gang. A couple of days ago I noticed something, okay? I noticed that  a lot of people here at the North Pole have started to kind of disappear. Seriously. They […]


Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 6 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas begins in 6 weeks and I could not be more excited! I went to a big meeting yesterday. This girl does not get called to meetings very often so I was happy to go. It was all about Operation Merry Christmas and where we stand. It was very eye opening. I mean, […]


Mrs. Claus Talks About Elves

Mrs. Claus took me to Santa’s workshop today and after a brief tour we had the conversation as noted below. First of all, I was surprised at everything Mrs. Claus knows about Santa’s Workshop. She is a different person in there! Did you know there are times when Mrs. Claus steps in and runs the […]


Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 8 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas begins in just 8 weeks! Those ding dongs in the workshop still won’t let me in. You have to have a password, and know a secret handshake — both of which I learned, by the way — now they are telling me I have to recite the Elf Oath in FRENCH — […]

How Mrs. Claus Helps

In my meeting with Mrs. Claus this week we discussed a whole bunch of things, including how Mrs. Claus helps Santa. You all certainly have some interesting questions! I think this little conversation will answer some of them. I find Mrs. Claus always so surprising: Elf Trixie: Mrs. Claus, the response to your advice about […]

Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 9 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas begins in 9 weeks! I am hoping to get into Santa’s workshop to see how things are going there. But they won’t let me in! I’m just a junior reporter, I guess, and it takes someone with special clearance to get in there. I will have to talk to Elf Ernest about […]


Mrs. Claus Talks Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa is our first conversation with Mrs. Claus for Santa Update. This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing feature here on Santa Update. I did try to convince Mrs. Claus to record our conversation but she is not quite comfortable with that just yet. For now, she wants […]


Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 10 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas begins in just 10 weeks from today! Hello, my name is Elf Trixie and I will be counting down the days and weeks ahead to Operation Merry Christmas. Just what is Operation Merry Christmas? First those of us living at the North Pole or around the world as elves the start of […]

50 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi Everyone! There are now just 50 weeks left in our countdown to Christmas! It’s that crazy? Now, I know it seems like Christmas was just a few weeks ago. But honestly, even here at the North Pole, Christmas cannot come again fast enough. At least not for me. I have decided that the best […]