When is Santa's Birthday
Santa Time Traveler

New Answers from Elf Crash

Greetings! It is so nice to hear from so many of you. The past couple of weeks the emails and texts to the North Pole have really picked up. Perhaps the most common question I'm getting is "Ernest, when do you start the countdown to…
Stocking Mail
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Stocking Mail Explained

Greetings, all! It is time once again to talk about a North Pole innovation few know about. It is called Stocking Mail. What is stocking mail? It is a way to communicate with Santa and the North Pole at the last minute. If you absolutely,…
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Why the North Pole Loves Thanksgiving

The elves over at the North Pole Post Office tell me they are getting a lot of mail about Thanksgiving. They say people want to know why it is such a big deal at the North Pole. I think it is a fair question. Thanksgiving is an ancient…
Elf name
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The Art of Choosing an Elf Name

Hey everybody! We’re on the verge of a big week at the North Pole – it’s Thanksgiving and the start of Operation Merry Christmas. There is much to share with you this weekend about that. We’d like to congratulate the hard working…
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What to Feed Reindeer

We have noticed a big increase in traffic to the website since Halloween and with it have come even more questions for Elf Crash. Today's question is a classic: What do you feed Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve? This is a question we…
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Santa and Math

It takes a lot of skills to be Santa Claus. But in a new question for Elf Crash Murphy we learn a little something about Santa that never crosses the minds of most people: Santa has to do a lot of math. The question came to us from a huge…
Santa's workshop
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Pictures of Santa’s Workshop

In an all new question for Elf Crash Murphy the big question is asked about showing pictures of the inside of Santa's workshop. When I heard that would be the question I could not help but wonder how Crash is going to handle it. Santa's…
Ask Crash

Ask Crash: What a Tracker Needs

Frank and Crash are back with another question from a fan. This time the talk is about tracker elves. You know what that is, right? A tracker elf is no regular elf. He or she could be anywhere in the world. YOU could be a tracker elf? It's…
Ask Crash

Ask Crash: What Santa Brings

In their first official news segment of the 2018 season Frank and Crash go right to the mailbag to answer a big question: Will Santa bring me anything I want? That’s a very interesting question and when I heard that was going to be the…
Elf Parade
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All About the Elf Parade

Howdy! The question Elf Crash Murphy answers today is about going to the Elf Parade. As you know, the Elf Parade is held every Thanksgiving Day here at the North Pole. We report on it every year. The Elf Parade is kind of like…