Christmas in July
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Christmas in July

In this episode of the North Pole Podcast we discuss Christmas in July and how to celebrate it. Elves Frank and Crash talk about their own personal experiences with Christmas in July and why is it important to them.

Elf Crash shares some things that happen at the North Pole for Christmas in July and some thoughts about what people around the world can do to celebrate it:

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Thank you, Harold! Happy Christmas in July! I didn’t know it until I became a tracker elf, so I’m delighted to learn about them. This month is a perfect time for everyone to experience Christmas in summer in the North Hemisphere and Christmas in Winter in the South Hemisphere! Elf Crash and Elf Frank have excellent skills, so it’ll be more fun if there is an event they can join together. Lol. I wish I could see their performances and Santa someday. I wonder if they could show us Santa’s old sleighs! I’m looking forward to seeing both of you… Read more »