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25 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! 25 weeks are now left until Christmas and things are really starting to happen at the North Pole.

Countdown to Christmas

It is Christmas in July here at the North Pole which is kind of a transition time for us. It’s part fun and part work. Well, it’s all work. Every department is still working.

But it’s also a time where we do things together as a community.

Everyone is gearing up for the snowball fight.

Freezers at the Food Department have been stocked for months with snowballs that were made months ago.

Why do we have to freeze snowballs at the North Pole when we have snow year round?

Well, our snow is pretty nasty as this time of year. Yes, it falls as snow but it’s not soft like you think snow normally is. It’s summer snow. If falls, melts just a little bit, then it freezes again. Mrs. Claus won’t let us have a snowball fight with summer snow. It’s too hard and someone would get hurt.

So the Food Department works with the Snow Removal Department during the month of February to process winter snow to be used for stuff during Christmas in July.

We use it for a lot of stuff, not just the snowball fight.

We use it for sled races, and for ski jumps, and for snowman-building contests. All of that is stuff we do during Christmas in July.

Santa even uses it for his BBQ Snowballs.

What’s that? Well they taste like hamburgers and look like hamburgers when they are done but they start out looking like a regular good old fashion snowball. He throws them right on the grill, right out of the freezer and within 15 minutes or so it turns into a delicious burger. I don’t know how he does it. Santa is magic, I tell ya.


It’s Christmas in July and there is a lot of fun stuff like that going on. But, Santa’s Workshop is still working, the sleigh is being put through the test flights, the North Pole Post Office is still processing mail, and everything else keeps moving here at the North Pole.

I hope you’re having a great summer, too.

Elf Trixie

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Thank you, Elf Trixie! Interesting, I didn’t know about the kinds of snow because it’s rare around my area. I’m curious about Santa’s hamburger, too! That sounds nice. Can everyone eat it there? It’s hot here, even in the morning, so this news makes me cooler and fun! Thank you for always sharing information about the North Pole with us. I’m looking forward to hearing the next update, too! XD