Christmas in July
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North Pole Radio News
Ready for Christmas in July

The test flights of Santa’s real sleigh have been underway for more than a month in the skies of the North Pole. They take that show on the road now that Christmas in July is upon us.

According to North Pole Flight Command the test flights will be traveling from west to east, conducting speed trials just north of the equator.

Elf Buck Sanchez, director of Flight Operations at North Pole Flight Command, says they will be tracking these flights from the North Pole and from ships of the North Pole Navy, which are presently positioned in strategic locations in the Pacific and the Atlantic.

These flights will feature empty sleighs, trying to go as fast as they can in favorable weather conditions.

Recent weather activity in the mid-Atlantic may see the flights veer either north in to Europe or south in to Africa once they reach the Atlantic. Weather over the next couple of days will be closely monitored.

Meanwhile, Christmas in July is now underway at the North Pole and with news of that event please click the news above to hear it from North Pole Radio News.

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Thank you, Elf Trixie! I’m happy to hear Elf Crash and Elf Frank’s radio news again! Oh, thank you for your working hard in Hawaii, Elf Frank. Was he not at the North Pole during Leon Day? I hope he went smoothly. Thank you for making the chat schedule, even though you all are busy. I hope everyone enjoys Christmas in July. I hope Elf Frank just can come into the chat freely with Elf Crash! XD