Leon Day
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Incident at the Leon Day Parade

We are receiving word from multiple witnesses of some sort of “incident” at the Leon Day Parade of Fools.

The parade is a new tradition this year and features parade participants, floats, marching bands and other exhibitionists parading backwards, in the tradition of Leon Day activities at the North Pole.

Leon is Noel spelled backwards. Leon Day has long been a day of doing things backwards.

It doesn’t sound like the parade has gone well. Please listen to the North Pole Radio News Report for more information.

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Wow thank you for the update this sounds like it didn’t go to well hahaha! Thank you Frank and Crash for the update! Nice to hear your voices on the Radio News again! So thank you you both!!

Thank you, Elf Ernest! I hope they were okay. And I want to see the bicycles, man, too! Everyone went backward, lol. I always love to hear about the North Pole episodes! I’m happy to listen to that from Elf Crash and Elf Frank.
I’m looking forward to hearing the next news from them soon! Happy Leon Day and Christmas In July! XD